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  1. I just got my acceptance letter to MUPAP for the class of 2018 and will be starting this upcoming August!!!!!!!!!! I am stoked to meet my classmates on here! If anyone is still interviewing let me know if you have any questions! I cannot wait to get started!
  2. @NC30, thanks so much for your advice! I think I will be fine, I just want to make sure I am prepared! I hope I can call you a "future classmate" by the end of the month! Thanks so much!
  3. Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, but this particular one caught my eye! I applied in July, took my GRE in October, and I received an interview invitation to Methodist University on February 17th! I am really excited! For those of you who have interviewed, do you have any tips or suggestions? Thanks! James Moore
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