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  1. When I flew in, it was to Tri- Cities airport in TN. This is the closest airport, about an hours drive for the campus. There are some budget places to stay at like the Econolodge in Marion. The Francis Marion Hotel is also an option. Good Luck!
  2. I’m thinking about applying but I’m not sure if it’s worth it at this stage with it being late and then being on a rolling admissions schedule. Any body have any advice?
  3. I’m hoping updates by the end of the week. Good or bad, rejected or waitlisted, I just need some closure.
  4. That’s crazy especially for a program with a January 15th deadline! Ah well!
  5. I applied an June and I haven’t gotten a rejection or acceptance but I’m guessing a rejection email is out there somewhere with my name on it.
  6. Has anyone called to check on the status of their application?
  7. Without an interview. Pretty sure they are going to march this year so there is still hope.
  8. Just got my rejection, second year in a row with an improved application. I must just not have what this program is looking for.
  9. It was pretty generic: Dear Applicant, Thank you for your interest in the Meharry Medical College Physician Assistant Sciences Program. The admissions committee has completed its review of your application and I regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you admission at this time or a position on our alternate list. Please be assured that a holistic and comprehensive approach was utilized in reviewing your application before making this difficult decision. Admissions decisions are based on a composite of information including your previous academic performance, commen
  10. Thanks for the well wishes. All apart of the process I guess. Not entirely amazing by pa standards 3.12 CGPA 3.09 SGPA 20,932 PCE 17,351HCE GRE was meh @ 298. this upcoming cycle will be my last for a while. This is starting to feel like a pipe dream and I can’t really keep trying to get by on CNA pay, while doing courses and some how applying to programs all alone. This years back up plan is an advanced standing adn rn program. Is it what I want to do? No but it may be what I have to do if I don’t want to be homeless and in debt.
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