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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful answer. This was extremely helpful. Your point about applicants that have a different concentration where pre-req GPA may be their only source of science coursework really hits home. It makes me regret not choosing a major I was actually interested and would do well in rather than default Pre-med bio or chem. Still, all I want to do now is finish undergraduate strong (no point in switching majors now) and then re-evaluate what I need to do to get into grad school. *I don't know why "hits home" is highlited or why it links to some random webpage. Please ignore.
  2. I'm not under any impression that that it's going to be easy by any means. However, this was not conductive at all to my question of whether improving pre-req GPA matters as much as overall sGPA. THAT is my question - whether pre-req coursework matters more than overall science coursework in upper level classes to admissions as well as why.
  3. Can someone explain to me why it is better to retake prereq courses instead of improving overall sGPA? I still have 30-40ish hours before I finish my program and the majority of those are science courses. Granted, not much more chemistry but still upper level science coursework.
  4. Hi, College junior here looking for advice on recovering from low science/pre-req grades. Does anyone on this forum have advice for recovering from low chemistry grades? Since they're a part of many program prerequisites, I want to know if admissions will look at advanced courses etc. Since they are "passing" I don't know whether to spend the money retaking these courses, or if doing better (A) in Orgo II and Orgo lab would suffice to show that I am competent in chemistry. My stats in general bio aren't as great either - no C grades, but Bs. Will improving my oversall sGPA make any impact
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