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  1. http://www.clinicaladvisor.com/2014-nurse-practitioner--physician-assistant-salary-survey/slideshow/1934/ Keep in mind the problem with all these surveys is the lack of response from both professions. A pool of a few thousand is not that large. I hate these salary surveys bc I find them low and employers use them to justify paying us less. The high earning pa's need to respond to these things to drive up the average to help all pa's better negotiate
  2. There are companies you can work for that are strictly surgical with no patient care. Not the best paying in my opinion. Also if you want a surgical practice with patient care there are always docs looking that post "willing to train". But don't expect much more than 80 or 90 your first year as it is a training year.
  3. YUP. Im getting ready to make a change to full time ED. The pay is SOO much better, i average ~42hr worked in spine and the ED pay here is 60-70hr depending on facility + overtime pay for more than 15 shifts a month and shift bonus whenevere there is a shortage which is 500-1000 extra per shift!. I can wait to make 150k a year in another 5 years and keep working 50 hrs a week or make that now without call...
  4. I find the ED's in florida pay the same rate regardless of experience. 60-70hr for a lot of hospitals so ~110-125k working 15 shifts a month. If you work additional shifts the pay raises to 90hr and there are shift bonuses when there is need which is 500 to 1000 extra for the shift. My classmate made over 150k her first year out of school in the ED. I am part time in the ED and the money is nice and there is no work to take home or call. I work full time in spine and started at 80k now at 100k after 2 years. My counterparts in the area who have more experience make 125-150k in spine but wo
  5. ED 60-70hr PA, Docs $250 hr Spine 100k annual, Doc ~800k-1M annual Really all over the place...
  6. Not a bad deal, If they wont budge on the PTO days see if he will count the SICK days in and give you 15 days of general PTO to include sick, we all work sick anyways. After a year see if you can negotiate quarterly bonus based on your collections.
  7. LOL yah all my reps make at least double what I earn and I have soo much more training.. I dont understand why all the money is in sales. I also saw a comment on here about PA salary starting at 50-60k.... TO ALL PA's.. DONT. JUST DONT you just devalue yourself and all PA's. Out of school i was making 85K and in 2 years I broke 100K if you include weekend part time work over then almost 120K and I still feel I am undervalued. Looking to change things up with a $70hr job here in the next couple months. If you accept low ball offers it makes it harder for all PA's as it brings down the avera
  8. My main practice is ortho spine and I pick up weekend Emergency Department shifts. I was grabbing about 2 shifts a month but they hired a few more people so I dont have any shifts on the horizon. wouldnt say that it is uncommon, just hard to balance the schedules. Also the transition to the new field can be a bit much as you have that many more EMR's and passwords. I think it definitely makes me a better all around practitioner though
  9. NEXUS criteria was created for this reason
  10. We had this discussion many times when i was in PA school and we had several staff involved in the political side of things. I agree Associate would be great moving forward. Opposition exists for 2 reasons: 1. Changing legislature both nationally and in every state to reflect the name change would be incredibly costly as every bill and article would need to have an amendment to reflect the change. 2. Currently we use physicians as our backing to get much of our rights to practice, by moving to be more independent we would "threaten" our backers with the AMA who help us to pass legis
  11. I work in Spine and I do all the new patient intakes and I see about 2.5-3 per hour( 2 new one established pt per hour) so ~25 minutes to review all the x-rays, MRI's, and medical records perform exam and place all my orders (no MA) as well as time to chart. and a quick 10 minutes for the established patient. I also run the surgery schedule which can jam up my day when we book multiple surgeries and I am trying to find dates. I moonlight in the ED on weekends and see about 1pph in the main ED and 2-3 pph in the fast track.
  12. From what I have seen on the reports there is a lot to be desired. I remember a few years ago for spine the median was 140 or something but the sample size was 14.
  13. Also, A few of my local reps tell me that a lot of the general Ortho PA's in the area are working 70+ hours a week and making 90K a year? While other Reps are telling me all the PA's they know are in the 120's? I dont understand why everything I am being told is so conflicting.
  14. I started practicing 2 years ago as a PA in an Ortho-Spine practice, my responsibilities including First assist 2.5 days/week, rounding, clinic 2.5 days/week, rare call, rare weekends, also administrative tasks such as compiling surgical outcomes, assisting the training of staff, implementing new policies and procedures with staff etc. I was't excited about my initial salary and benefits but I have really enjoyed the work. I have gotten significant raises over the past couple of years but during my last raise/review there were interesting comments about decreasing my rate of salary growth wh
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