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  1. I think 1 week later! I actually declined my seat (they gave me 2.5 weeks to accept) since I got into my first choice in that timeframe
  2. Also accepted today! I AM SO HAPPY!!! :D :D I will definitely be looking for roommates!
  3. Just got the call this morning too and a voicemail!! I called them back to ask about campus preference and they said whichever one we put down we should be able to get since that was the first interview date and it's first come first serve! :) I put down Leesburg! Now just waiting for the official offer to come in the mail! So excited!
  4. I haven't heard anything either! There were so many applicants that day I'm sure it'll take them awhile to get back to us...hopefully it's soon though since that was the first interview day of this cycle :O
  5. I applied May 15th! also does anyone know if aug 25th is their first interview date??
  6. Got an interview invite last week for August 25th- full day interview! I'll be driving in about 1.25 hours away. A little rough since the interview day starts at 8:30am and lasts all day, but hopefully I can make it through!
  7. I submitted 05/15 and got an interview invite on 07/20 for the morning session on 09/19! I'm so excited! Did you guys who interviewed like the program? Any pros/cons you took away from the interview day?
  8. This is my first choice school even though I've been accepted into another program! Do any of you recommend me calling the office and letting them know over the phone that it is my first choice in case I don't hear by the end of the summer? Or do they not care for that kind of thing? I don't want to seem overeager/annoying though... I submitted on 05/15 and just anxiously waiting to hear back!
  9. Mailed in my secondary today! Does anyone know how much the deposit is? Just curious since I don't even know if I'll get an interview! Fingers crossed.
  10. I submitted 05/15 and just got an email today inviting me to do the secondary!
  11. Submitted 05/15 Interviewed 06/13!! Haven't heard back! I got into another program where I'll be putting a deposit, but definitely considered Tufts and waiting to hear from them! I asked them for an update since I was accepted into another program, but they just repeated what they said in the post-interview email: that it's rolling and I could hear anytime from now until October
  12. Same here! I was accepted while checking in at Albany airport only 2 hours after the interview day was over!! The interview day lasted from 8am-1:30pm. It didn't feel real until I got a hard letter in the mail a couple days later! I'll be putting a seat deposit in. I really liked the program too, but of course waiting to hear from other programs before I can 100% say if I'll be at Albany in January. Either way, I'm happy! Any readers currently at AMC and have any tips/insights/pros and cons of the program?
  13. When did you submit/get an interview invite last year?
  14. Where are you coming from? Did they tell you when the interview day would end? I'm trying to plan my flight out back to the DC area
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