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  1. Just got the 91,000 covered by a Direct grad plus loan and a direct unsubsidized loan! Does anyone know if we can request to take out even more in loans than the 91,000 tag? I asked about the Midwestern U loan but they said that wasn’t offered.
  2. I just saw that too! Definitely a bit of a bummer. Has anyone received their financial aid packages or knows the max amount of loans we will be awarded for this upcoming year to help pay for everything?
  3. Hey everyone! I'm set to start the PA program this May and was just wondering what any of the guys wore to class each day? It says somewhere "business casual" so I was thinking slacks and a button-up but since its going to be so hot was anyone wearing a pair of "nicer" shorts and a polo T-shirt maybe? Thank you!
  4. They have an app set up for all the accepted students and as of right now there are only 32 of us using it if that helps at all!
  5. I had a couple schools that were super slow to get back to me (way after other people were offered interviews) even though I applied nearly as soon as CASPA opened. But I eventually was offered one and will be going there this May! I think they offer the interviews to the people they really want and might offer more if they go through the majority of their interviews and are still looking for more people. They might not want to offer you an interview right now but don't want to tell you no either so don't lose hope!
  6. One of the programs I paid a deposit for gave me $400 out of the $500 back when I switched programs. It came completely out of the blue but it might not hurt to ask your other program if there was any chance you would get any of it back!
  7. I was having some trouble telling how competitive my application was so I definitely applied to too many schools but it all ended up working out and I could not be any more excited!! Undergrad Ed School: Western Washington University Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.57 Science Undergrad GPA: 3.62 Age at application time: 22 GRE: V 159 Q 159 W 4.0 LOR: 1 MD, 1 DO, 2 professors HCE: ED Scribe – 216 hours Alcohol and drug abuse educator – 456 hours Family practice scribe – 1050 hours EMT training – 20 hours Internship at a Spanish speaking clinic in Central America – 480 hours Family practice MD shadowing – 40 hours Cardiology PA shadowing – 112 hours Other: Homeless population outreach through university – 1500 hours Gym attendant – 1080 hours Windsurf instructor – 320 hours Anatomy TA – 80 hours Schools Applied to: (25) University of California Davis, Butler University, South University Savannah, Oklahoma City University, Our lady of the Lake College, South university Richmond, Cornell University, Northern Arizona University, Pacific University, Stanford University, Arcadia university, Chatham University, Le Moyne College, Lock Haven University, Midwestern University (Downers Grove), Midwestern University (Glendale), University of Findlay, University of St. Francis, Idaho State University, Marshall B. Ketchum University, University of Southern California, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine, SUNY Upstate Medical Center, University of St. Francis (Fort Wayne) Interview Invites I declined: (13) Rosalind Franklin U, South University (GA), Weill Cornell, Midwestern University Downers Grove, SUNY, Upstate Medical center, Our Lady of the Lake College, Lock Haven University, University of St. Francis (Fort Wayne), Chatham University, Oklahoma City University, University of Findlay, Le Moyne College No interview offer: (6) Butler University, UC Davis, University of Southern California, Stanford, Northern Arizona University, Marshall B. Ketchum University Interview Invites I attended: (6) University of St. Francis (NM), South University (VA), Arcadia University (PA), Idaho State University, Pacific University, Midwestern University (AZ) Denied post-interview: Waitlisted post-interview: Arcadia U, Pacific U, Idaho State University Accepted: South University (VA), University of St. Francis (NM) Midwestern University class of 2020!!!!!!!!!!!! Attempt: 1st
  8. Just checked the accepted students portal and have stuff popping up!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone start checking every ten seconds!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  9. I know there’s an interview session 12/2 for sure so I’m assuming if someone declines their interview you’ll still have a chance!
  10. Has anyone from the 11/10 interview seen anything pop up on the accepted students checklist in the portal? Heard that that updates a couple days before any emails or calls.
  11. Just got an interview invite on 11/2 and will be interviewing on 11/10. For everyone still waiting for an interview offer, don't lose hope!
  12. Just got an email and placed on committee hold after the 11/4 interview, good luck to everyone else!
  13. Has anyone gotten an actual call for a set interview date?? My 2nd choice starts in January and I'm starting to get a little antsy..
  14. Definitely was losing hope after I saw that people were getting offered a couple weeks ago but I just got an interview off earlier today! Super excited!
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