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  1. lilliealbadin, Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/940491172654674/
  2. Hello OLW2018, I was accepted for their upcoming class as well! I'm still awaiting FIU status (status will be available by Friday the 29th). :)
  3. Hello OLW2018, Thank you so much for your reply! I had interviews at both schools. Are you a current student? :) Did you get to choose other rotation sites or just Florida Hospitals?
  4. Hello everyone. I have a question regarding two schools: Adventist University of Health Science (Orlando, FL) and Florida International University (Miami, FL). If I get to choose between the two, which one is better (rotations, environment, etc)? Please advise.
  5. Hello dhans, I think you should retake the GRE for those schools that weighs heavily on it. However, not every school weighs heavily on the GRE. One of the schools that I was interviewed at, FIU, counted the GRE for 5 points out of 50 points for acceptance. Here's the breakdown that I have from FIU PA program website: Admission Criteria Requirement GRE – 5 points GPA – 15 points Medical Training – 5 points Recommendation – 4 points Pre-Entrance Exam – 15 points Interview – 6 points Total = 50 points Reference: http://medicine.fiu.edu/physician-assistant-program/admission-req
  6. Hello Order66.exe, Based on your given information, GPA and healthcare background (make sure that you have patient interactions), I think you have a high chance of getting an interview. I landed 2 interviews with similar GPA of a 3.4. GRE scores of 152 or above in each section or a 304 combined (yours is 320) is considered good for most PA schools. I hope this helps.
  7. Hey everyone! I recently had an interview with FIU PA program. =)
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