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  1. I am having issues too with MyPacePortal ! If anyone know, please share how to do it. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello all, I would like to inform you all that I received my acceptance letter via email yesterday. Guys, don’t lose hope and faith. I interviewed first round on 09/23. This is my top choice. I look forward to meet all of you, who are committed to PACE. Good Luck and wish you all the best.
  3. I was part of the first session sept. 23rd , and it has been a month and any of us haven’t heard anything. Waiting time is real. I am still looking forward for that acceptance email
  4. PACE will be interview the fourth group session this coming Monday. Therefore, by next week we should heard back. Wish you the best of luck To All !
  5. mly3025 They said there will be 3 applicants competing for a seat. Therefore, 80 seat x 3 = a total of 240 of applicants approximately would be selected for interview. I was in the first group and we were 32 applicants that day. Good lucks
  6. MY STAT At The Time I Submitted My CASPA for PACE was on May 24th. Verified email on May 28th. cGPA 3.59 sGPA 3.54 HCE 6,040 hours (Medical Lab Technologist, Adult/Pediatric Emergency Room Volunteer, Nursing Home Volunteer)   PCE 2,686 hours (CNA. PCT, EMT, Medical Mission Trip) Community Services 360 (NY Cares) PA Shadowing 176 hours
  7. I will look at preview year forum and see what they said and I might connect with some students who are in their clinical year ( they have clinical rotation where I work and volunteer at NY Presbyterian/ Columbia University Medical Center ) to find out about what I should be expecting on that day.
  8. Good morning all, I got an interview invites email today for September 23rd . I loved they give you multiple interview dates to choose from. Check your email, you may got an invites. See you soon guys at PACE Interview Day
  9. Yes, I received a email with a confirmation of payment. If you still having issue, please call them directly and express your concern.
  10. Congratulations to all who have received an interview invites. I received one for Sept 6. I am thinking to decline it because I got into one of my top choice DREXEL University. Hopes this open an interview spot for someone who dream to be accepted into Quinnipiac. Good luck
  11. I got an acceptance Call this afternoon. Feeling so happy ! For those who are still waiting to heard back, Have Faith! I interviewed in the first round of interviews July 18th.
  12. I am so anxious to find out if I have been accepted. Have anyone else got a phone call acceptance besides gjr428? The waiting time is making me desperate.
  13. There is a link to the supplemental application in the additional material in the HOME TAB section for PACE University in CASPA. Click the link and your two essay will appear.
  14. I haven't received an invites either but anything to be worry about it. In the confirmation email they clearly stated; " An early application is strongly recommended as admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis, post-interview, beginning in October."
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