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  1. If anyone is willing to undertake a student for an out-of-state rotation this fall for family/peds/ob-gyn/plastics, any information or leads would be highly appreciated! I am currently at Barry University in Miami but am a NYC native and am looking to start making connections in the community as I will be making my return there upon my graduation. This would be for fall 2018. Thank you in advance!
  2. I paid 157. I also lived in ny and florida. I believe this can cause it to vary and also depends on where you live. Im sure it costs more in certain states especially urban cities.
  3. Just relax and be yourself. The night before I did things that would put me at ease such as going on a run. Be comfortable with knowing what you bring to the table. The interview was both group and individual. I felt very at home and the staff is welcoming--they want to like you! All in all, I'd say the interview is probably one of the most relaxed that I've been to. Best of luck.
  4. Has anyone heard anything lately? Also, if you don't mind can someone message me or reply with the email used to contact admissions? Emailed back in december and have received no reply:( thanks in advance!
  5. Has anyone heard anything? I thought they were going to start calling in jan but i'm not sure if they have. And if there's any update on the dates for the upcoming club meetings please let us know:) thanks!!
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