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  1. Nieo_09


    Hey, I sent the money to your PayPal account. Will you please send me the login info to my email?
  2. If you don't mind me asking, which tests were you doing? Were they created tests with the subscription? or the mock PANCE boost exams?
  3. Nieo_09


    Hello, Is this still available? If so, please email me at nieo_09@yahoo.com
  4. Lol yup! And are all of the other offers still on the table?
  5. Hey! My brother lol are you going to accept the offer?
  6. I think most will agree that this waiting game sucks! Lol.. I'm patient and all, but this time is making me think about a whole lot of could've/would've/should've s haha! However, I do appreciate them putting in a lot of thought into it.
  7. Wow! Thanks for the heads up! So, the objective of the essay is to read something and put it into our own words?
  8. Hopefully you hear some good news soon to ease your mind! Is there anything anyone who interviewed today can tell us? My main questions are about the process.
  9. So, I'm brand new here.. I also have an interview tomorrow!! Does anyone know what to expect? I have several questions
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