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  1. Radiolaria, It was a very relaxed interview. The staff was super welcoming. There were 2-3 one on one interviews. Apparently it doesnt matter if you get a third interview- its supposed to be for some clarification purposes if needed. There was an essay question component in the beginning and it wasnt bad. Good luck :)
  2. Has anyone else received an interview recently?
  3. Just got a letter in the mail- placed on the waitlist :/ Really hoping for a spot to open up!
  4. I was there too, have my fingers crossed for this program! Would you mind sharing your stats?
  5. Congrats :D That must be super exciting!! Did you interview on 10/10?
  6. 9/21- i got the email about hanging on for second rounds if they will have them and on 9/29 i received the invite. Stay on the lookout for emails and make sure to check your spam too! Good luck!
  7. Me too, super excited! I scheduled for 10/10. Does anyone know if the interview is individual or group?
  8. Yea! the wait is such a killer but lets hope for the best. Good luck to you too :)
  9. I called yesterday. Katrina said that all decisions will be sent out by email by the end of this month. I also asked if the class size is full yet and she yet they are still reviewing and making decisions.
  10. Ahh, so I have been waitlisted :/ thanks for the info!
  11. Give it about another week. You'll hear soon but I totally feel you!
  12. Does anyone know if there is a waitlist for this program? Has anyone been waitlisted?
  13. Did anyone who already interviewed hear anything recently?
  14. hey brett783434, i interviewed on jan 19th and got my letter today so thats about 3 weeks. Hang in there, you should be hearing in about a week or 2. Good luck!
  15. Waitlisted for the PA campus ... Really hope that changes to an acceptance soon
  16. Congrats! You were in my interview group right? 10:30 on 25th. I hope I get in too...
  17. No not yet, eagerly waiting ! they did say about 4-6 weeks so lets see
  18. does anyone know if the interviews are individual or in groups with other applicants?
  19. Congrats!! That must be so exciting :D and thank you for the info
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