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  1. I got a 293 and got in... I feel like they just want to see that you've taken it. They didn't say anything about that in my interview.
  2. Yes there is one, it is called UNE PA Class 2019
  3. I'm wondering is there a way to contact a 2nd year student? I have questions about clinical year. Thanks!
  4. They re-evaluate everyone on the waitlist, there isn't a ranking.
  5. I didn't hear from them, so I called Bonnie and she said I was "accepted pending open seat." I also interviewed Nov. 16th. Maybe give her a call
  6. So are you saying you did not get a call today to AT Still? Haha. Congrats on your other acceptance!
  7. Does anyone know if anyone from the waitlist got an interview?
  8. Hey guys, can anybody tell me about the interview? What to expect? Please and thank you!
  9. Right, but did you have any experience in which you were paid? I know schools want to see that you have been working (paid work) in the health care field, such as an EMT, Nursing assistant, etc. Volunteering looks good too, but schools want to see that you worked with patients and got paid while doing so. If you do have that work experience, talk about an experience with a patient. If you don't have paid experience I highly, highly recommend you doing so. Most schools won't even look at an application if there is no work experience.
  10. Do you have any health care working experience? Or just volunteering experience?
  11. Yikes...honestly, my gut feeling at the interview was not a nice one. Which was unfortunate because the school seemed promising. After reading the good and bad opinions about the program it just reaffirms my gut feeling that I had. There were some professional and some not so professional comments that were made, and I don't think I want to be part of a program where students feel so extreme on the spectrum of opinions. I think in a professional program, such as PA school, the whole idea is to work and study together and do it professionally. I wasn't and still am not getting that vibe, sadly. So I am not going to submit my secondary and go to the school where I felt I can work alonside with professional students. Thank you for your opinions and good luck to everyone, students and prospective students!
  12. Just declined my interview. Hope that opens up a spot! Good luck!
  13. FINALLY got a rejection! Haha, weird to say I'm happy about it, but it sure is better than being in limbo. Good luck everyone!
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