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  1. I just turned down a seat so hopefully they start pulling from the alternate list!
  2. I got invited to interview for the dual degree option on Feb 3rd and 4th but I think I'm going to turn it down as I'm in the process of committing to another program. Good luck everybody!
  3. Got the call yesterday, I got accepted!! I was under the impression we wouldn't hear anything until after the last round of interviews so needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. I had my interview day back on November 5th-- I'm so happy!
  4. Yep. Got an email today, on the alternate list as well. And the wait continues! It just won't end! Gahhhhhhh
  5. I've heard nothing since I interviewed 6 weeks ago, so I feel ya. Called them the other day and they said that I SHOULD hear before Thanksgiving. Clock is ticking. Stress is rising.
  6. That's a pretty broad question. Where in the application process are you?
  7. I only took one semester of physiology and had an interview at Augsburg two weeks ago. My class was 5 credits. Every undergrad will have different names for their classes and different formats. Just make sure that the credit amount and the material is right and you should be good to go.
  8. I just wanted you to know that the deadline for applying to UW is August 1st, I'm surprised that CASPA even let you submit it late. Also, I submitted back in July and never received a confirmation email, nor anything about interviews yet which it seems is the norm for this program. Your stats really aren't bad. Yes, sGPA could be higher but you did excellently on the GRE! Although UW doesn't look at GRE scores, other schools will and that will help you out tremendously. I get how you feel, that's the beauty of this forum. I've been fretting about my status for months now with no immediate end in sight. Be proud of your application and all the hard work you've put in to get to this point. Negative thoughts and feelings are normal but don't let them dominate. Not sure if this is helpful but a lot of people that get accepted are on their second or third application cycle. Keep on keepin' on!
  9. I also got the interview invite yesterday for October 7th. Here are my stats (because I would be just as curious as I know others are) cGPA: 3.59 sGPA: 3.65 PCE: 3,200 hours as a psych tech and EMT Volunteer: 300 CASPA Verified: June 21st Augsburg Supplemental: June 18th
  10. What would you say are a few take home messages for doing well in the interview? Are there any specific characteristics or talking points that they are looking for or other nuggets of wisdom you could share?
  11. Great start, thanks! It looks like in previous years the earliest invitations were sent out at the end of September. Of course I would not complain if they came out sooner, my cortisol levels would certainly appreciate it.
  12. Thanks! I got the "complete and under review...allow 4-6 weeks" email from RFUMS on June 27th
  13. Swanosaur, I'll be there as well! Too bad they didn't have any earlier options available to us..
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