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  1. Obviously 350 is passing but does anyone know what an average score is?? Just curious.
  2. Scores are up guys!!!! At least mine and the people I know who took it last week. I passed!! Wow so much relief. Good luck to everyone!!!
  3. It would be amazing to hear back today. Congrats on getting your score!!!
  4. Nope. Nothing so far today. I took mine a week ago (Last Thursday 1/7). I realllllyyyyy hope it happens at some point today. Even friends who took it last monday have not heard anything yet. I have also head from various sources that results typically come out the Thursday after taking the exam. I figured it would be in the morning but hopefully that doesn't mean it can't happen later today. I have my temp license but need the actual license to get credentialed at certain hospitals : / Really not looking forward to waiting another week…..
  5. Same here!! I don't think I can handle another whole week of waiting! Lol.
  6. Thanks for the info! That's what I'm hoping for this Thursday...
  7. I just took the PANCE yesterday and was wondering if anyone knows when we can expect to get the scores back? I heard scores were released on Thursdays last year but I know people who took it this past Monday and did not get scores yesterday. I realize this is probably a little early since its the first week of the year. Obviously I'm just extremely anxious and am wondering how long my torture will be lol. Thanks for any input!
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