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  1. Selling my accounts to Rosh Review and SmartyPance. Rosh Expiration: Aug 11 2019; Rosh FM Booster expires Jul 15th 2019 SmartyPance expires: Oct 23rd, 2019 DM if you are interested.
  2. Actually just received a great offer from IR, so I'm lettiing this place go..
  3. Monday to Friday 9-5. No weekends. But I’ve shadowed on Monday and they usually stay late. When the doctor is there the work seems very secretarial. Calling about results a lot of the time from what I’ve seen. There’s a PA there that’s been there for 3 years and even she seems to spend most of the time at the computer. But I will get to do joint injections and the standard pain management stuff. Benefits: 80k + 10k signing bonus (repaid in full if I leave within two years) Insurances Full Licensing, DEA, and credentialing; Full $750 CME 2 weeks paid for vacation a
  4. Yeah, I figured just wanted to check with the community. I feel like I would be doing the whole profession a disservice. Thanks to all you guys
  5. Just got the contract today. They include a restrictive covenant. Employee therefore agrees that, while an employee and for a period of thirty-six (36) months after his employment ends (for any reason), he will not render any medical services or other services competitive with Employer’s practice on behalf of himself or any business or entity within a thirty (30) mile radius of any clinical office or hospital the Employer’s physicians are on staff. Not sure if that means I can't work in cardio in that radius, or any other specialty as well.
  6. Small private practice Cardiology, in West Chester PA, 30 Min outside of Philly. Benefits. If you have any questions please let me know. I believe I've covered everything in the list below. Salary- 75-83K vacation- 2 wks to start conf days- 4 days sick days-4 days conf money-$500 401K malp insurance med insurance if needed lab coats and cleaning renewal of med license and ACLS It typically takes 3 months after you take your boards to start working as a PA. If you want to start as a medical assistant we can start you as early as you w
  7. Hi everyone. I would really appreciate some help with my personal statement. I really want to get in this cycle, so I have to write a stellar personal statement. It is about 1,500 characters longer then it should be. So its fine to tell me to take out some stuff. Thank you and I appreciate your help. If you want me to post the essay here or change the permission so you can edit just PM me. Thanks once again in advance. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1InCE2leDAqUX5fZ4X4IHqE01mUpu8f-LgMDOiwZM-mM/edit?usp=sharing
  8. Yeah, I definitely might look into getting certified to do CNA or pursue being a scribe. I wish I knew the best path to a PA when I was in high school, being a first generation immigrant, I didn't know about all the avenues that are available. If I had to do it over again I would definitely get a degree that allowed me to work in a hospital.
  9. So out of the 14 programs I have applied to I have gotten 8 rejections, one of them being after I was interviewed. I realize that its probably not going to turn out that much better with the remaining programs. So I was wondering what could be improved in my application, here are my stats 3.3 GPA 3.3 Science (took many of the recommended courses such as biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, developmental Psyc, Abnormal psyc, ect) Unofficial GRE: 160V 164 Q 3000 hrs Home Heath Aide (most programs consider this as patient experience) 68 hrs ER Scribe 200 hrs ER Volunteer
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