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  1. Thanks for the replies guys/gals. I'm definitely not letting this stress me beyond that night. Right now I just wished I could've done more in the situation. I really want to learn more advanced procedures to help out and eventually run my own code, but most of the acute resus is given to the senior residents. Unless it's a stable pt, but again bottoms up. Will learn and experience the basics first before moving on higher and pushing new comfort limits. During the code he was initially in vfib-asystole-back to vfib-back to asystole before calling it. Epi adminstered 3x before pressors
  2. Hi guys, first post here. I've known about your forum during my pre-pa years but didnt really go about making an account around 2-3 years ago. Now I just wanted to let things out see what other people who's been in the business for years think about this. So essentially, I am a new grad, luckily landed a spot in the ED which helps new grads and have been in the system for close to 4 months now. The supervising PA trained me with the senior PAs for around 6 weeks rotating between fast track and main, roughly 50/50. During my training period, I got to learn the system, did more advanced proc
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