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  1. Be yourself! They want to get to know YOU! Be professional. Dress professional. Do your research!!! Research your program, current challenges PA's face, changes in healthcare...etc. Be confident in your answers. Do not sound rehearsed. Find out who your interviewers are and get to know them. Avoid generic answers. (Why do you want to be a PA? I want to help people.) Give them more! Tell them a story. If they ask you a question, answer it and then give an example or go further into detail, like "One time when I was shadowing a PA..." Find some way to connect with the person interviewing you. They will remember you more than other candidates if you achieve this! Send a thank you letter after your interview mentioning specific things you talked about that connected you with them. ...that's all I have for now!
  2. Once you are on the group FB page, try to see where the majority of your classmates are interested in staying. Look at new complexes too! If you can go in as a group and get "x" number of people to sign there, some complexes will give you a killer deal! Most of my class is living at Sundance because we all got a great deal they were running before classes started AND they gave all PA students an additional 5% discount on our rent. Might be worth it to wait... but talk to complexes about a group deal too!
  3. Rotations are usually in Midland, Amarillo, Lubbock, Abilene, or El Paso. Some rotations have been in San Antonio or Houston. For the most part the rotations will remain in the West Texas locations mentioned above.
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