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  1. This is something that I've been working on. As for most of my life I equated work with identity so work was the most important part of my life. If my work wasn't great than I wasn't great. I'm slowly starting to be able to separate my identity and work. My friends and family have constantly told me to work on things I like but I always thought of it as them saying "distract yourself" which in my mind I would think "well that's all well and good but the issue isn't solved". However I'm now seeing it as build your identity, find what you like, etc, etc. I connected with everything else yo
  2. F*** ..... I thought of physics as I enjoyed it in college, there's more math, and it's something I could slowly build up to/work on. I figured I would need advanced degrees to do anything with physics which I feel would give me some structure/goal for life (always having something to work towards or something to strive for). I started doubting doing this as my idea was too vague and I was reading things similar to what you wrote. Your post just put the nail in the coffin (not a negative, just a good reality check). I don't know what the hell to do from here. I'm lost, as all my PAs frie
  3. Update...still in the same position. I am tolerating my current situation as I am a medical secretary, not respected by any of the staff, but am able to afford rent and my student loans. I'm a bitch but I don't get paid like a bitch. I have 6 years left on my loans which is really nothing. My plan is to go back to school during this time and once the loan is paid off start a new career. However I am finding it difficult to switch as it has been difficult to piece together what is needed and what schools offer. I want to pursue a career in physics, this is vague I know, but I know I enjoyed it
  4. I would like to go back to school. I have student loan debt. I don't have any private loans, only federal loans. I know I can defer payments if I return to school. However in order to return to school I would need a loan. I would pursue another federal loan. Although I don't know if that's the best choice or if there would be an issue with the fact that I have outstanding federal student loan debt. I was wondering if anyone has gone through this and could provide any advice.
  5. Ok up date, if you actually care lol Existential crisis averted. Basically just focusing on helping patients rather the idiocracy that flows around me on a daily basis (psychiatrist of 20 something years not knowing SSRIs cause hyponatremia; taking a paranoid pt, that believes we are helping her attackers get out of prison, off antipsychotics b/c she requested it; not switching a chronic schizophrenic off typical antipsychotic after developing EPS just slowly lowering dose; wanting to call internist consult for HTN when after reviewing chart pt was never started on outpt antihypertensives, etc
  6. Basically I don't want to be a PA anymore and need a career change. However I don't know where to go from here
  7. I've been trying rack my brain on what I can do with this degree but like you said not much. It's difficult, I don't think I have the time or money for going back to school. There aren't many programs that offer nights and/or weekends. I'd have to take out more loans. I'd need help organizing pursuing this option, does anyone have advice on who to contact? In all honesty, I hate every physician I work with. I mean hate with every fiber of my being. They all walk around with this facade that they give a shit about the patients or their work but in reality they couldn't give a shit less. Th
  8. I appreciate everyone's advice and comments. I'm still trying figure out what I'm doing. If I had a job offer in a non-medical field that allowed me to pay rent and my loans I'd take it and quit my current job right this minute. I've looked for jobs in other fields but nothing interests me and I don't feel qualified to be a PA anyway. At least at my current job I have an idea of what I'm supposed to be doing. I do CMEs in all different fields in order to keep up general knowledge but also to find maybe find something I could get into, but nothing interests me. I used to be interested in medici
  9. Ok, not a spammer. Calm down. I stated that I'm terrible because it's just a fact. I know I should get out however I'm not sure how to do that. It would be really dumb to leave a job with no back up. I don't know where to go from here; that's why I asked for advice.
  10. Listen I'm a terrible PA and I should not be practicing medicine
  11. I don't feel that I can give medical advice because I'm not knowledgeable/intelligent/informed enough. I'm not qualified. I feel inadequate every day I go to work. I don't know. I just don't see myself doing this for the next 5-10 years.
  12. I would be ok with writing notes and other paper work and doing things like that for the docs but I don't want to give any medical advice
  13. I can do paperwork. I'm fine doing "nonsense work". I can't teach either. I really don't feel comfortable providing medical advice to people because I don't feel that I'm qualified. So I'm really stuck
  14. Hey so I need advice. I've been a PA for 2 years and I can't be one any more. I have no desire to be a PA anymore. I've done outpatient and inpatient in 2 different fields. I'm ok with parts of the job but not others. I have zero confidence in my abilities as a practitioner/decision making/etc., which isn't helpful in any aspect. However I really don't know what I can do with a PA degree. Any advice would be appreciated.
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