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  1. There are several of these " accelerated" [bs/ms] type programs in my current state of residence. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the general idea of being a PA was to have a great deal of experience in health care? I can't imagine knowing at 17/18 years old that PA is exactly what I want to do. Is anyone applying to one or a graduate of one and care to share their thoughts?
  2. HAHA! It's not a true family without a red-headed step child to hate on ;)
  3. My number one would be to get a job in health care to make sure this is a field you want to be in! Can't tell you how many people think they wanna be a Doctor or PA based on prestige/money/helping people/glamourizing tv shows [insert reason here] and then when you actually get exposed to what its all about they are completely turned off or ill equipped for it. Good luck on your journey and take it one step at a time!
  4. So true! Lots of irony going on. I really wish we could go back in time and make becoming a medical doctor an apprenticeship.
  5. Most Plastics make their money based on reputation aka results. I'm 100% for PA's but if it came time to get my breasts reconstructed after cancer or something like a tummy tuck, I'd want someone with light years of experiences, verifiable results and board certifications. Something more derm based like injectables , or non invasive procedures, I wouldn't mind but they have nurse injectors they can pay significantly less than a PA/NP.
  6. Pretty soon it will be an entry level doctoral program for anyone who wants to spend more money.. And everyone will be better off going to med school. Basically its time to reevaluate the path to becoming a Physician in the US. They spout off about all these shortages, but continue on an archaic path My guess would be it's really about making money.
  7. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the EM fellowship ! I'v heard many great things about the fellowship and the PA program in general. I'm from the area originally and was also born at AMC ;) Definitely considering applying to the PA school in the near future !
  8. I'm not in PA school yet, but I do have many years working in health care. My question for your to ponder is.........do you really want to work in healthcare? And as a provider? I would question your motivation as to "why" PA school. Also, since you feel as though you studied as hard as you possibly could and still couldn't manage an increase, pursuing other programs of a similar caliber may not be setting you up for success. I know you want to make money and are overwhelmed with debt, but narrowing your options will not help in the long run. Have you considered IONM? ( intraoperativ
  9. Whoa, lots of assumptions here that I'm trying to run a scam or something. No worries. I'm like a Pre-PA-- just starting the process now of reviewing schools and their requirements. I don't even have a CASPA account. Just trying to get educated on what appears to be a somewhat controversial thing. I simply see in google searches people saying things like " you can't tell on your transcript" if its online or not, so I was trying to check the validity of the statement. All my science courses thus far from undergrad have been in person, on campus.
  10. If an online science course from an accredited college just shows up as a "normal" course on your transcript--how do schools know if it was online or not? I've seen a few colleges say they do not accept them, but I'm not sure how they determine the difference. Anyone come across this situation and care to share their experiences?
  11. Welcome to healthcare :) You will most likely get sh*t on literally and metaphorically, several times in your journey.
  12. Just curious if anyone chose a program that required them to have a long commute. And if you do/did, what are your thoughts? I currently live in a state with a lot of PA programs and the majority of them are more than an hours drive away. A sweet perk would be living at home to save on expenses, but I also want to be realistic. Thanks!
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