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  1. Jennifer emailed me saying she is finalizing the seats in Bayshore so she's asking everyone to confirm they're attendance.
  2. I was accepted today too! Can't wait to meet you guys! Congrats to everyone
  3. I have not heard anything from them. I submitted late September.
  4. There was only 1 question for the writing portion and the space given to answer it was for a couple of sentences, no more than a paragraph. I don't quite remember what was asked but I think it had to do with the different medical roles and how we work together.
  5. Hi everyone my interview was 1 on 1 with about 4-5 different staff members. They asked general interview questions about yourself.
  6. Hey guys! I had my interview December 14th at 10:30am. I received my acceptance email December 31st! I am so excited and happy :) Cant wait to start, class of 2019 here we come!! Anyone else here anything?
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