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  1. @MT2PA Thank you for responding. The sentence you quoted and then responded too: I can see how the interpretation form 'truly interested' can be taken. i did not in fact intend in to be read that way. i have been caught in a generation that has the coupling of an economic downfall, combined with technology bloom that has led to somewhat of (slight joke) ptsd about all education programs, and new endeavors. i began a serious trek towards professorship, studying in foreign countries and attaining my ba first in painting, then to go to columbia university in new york to receive my mfa, to te
  2. Hello all, I am 39 years old. I have been thinking about proceeding through two years of fulfilling requirements, and health care experience- to apply to all and any PA schools - preferably New York or Southern California, Northern California. Although i have worked in health and wellness fields for six years in New York, it was primarily management. I have an undergraduate degree in Painting, and a 3.8 gpa. once to teach at the college level, but did not pursue masters as turn in economy and job market. After many turns in the economy and changes to job market with the mass flood of techn
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