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  1. My personal PA journey :) https://allthingsphysicianassistant.com/2016/05/11/my-journey/
  2. Personal statements are really difficult and it can be hard to understand what an admissions panel is looking for! You place a lot of emphasis on just one story--which can be relevant but it is definitely taking up too much time. A few major things: 1. we don't hear anything about a PA until al most the end, you're whole essay should encompass being and becoming a PA. 2. remember the audience you are speaking to--think about what they want to hear. 3. tell us about your qualifications--what about you makes you a great candidate and potential professional? 4. if you do tell a story make it short and also make a quick statement as to how it is relevant to the admissions panel. 5. definitely be more active. instead of saying I did research about PA's-- make a statement about what you saw a PA do when you shadowed ie: During my shadowing experience I was able to witness the full scope of a Physician Assistant's medical practice as he/she took histories and performed physical exams, prescribed treatment and counseled patients" This is just a rough example but try and apply that concept to the whole essay! I hope this helps! My website and blog has a section on personal statement help and I'm also working on some before and after examples of clients I've worked with! Link is in my signature. Good luck to you!!!!
  3. Don't give up! In regards to pre-req's, if they are doing that they should extend the time or at least allow your class to be "in progress" at time of application. That seems a little crazy! I would contact the program directly and ask them about the pre-req situation. I dont think adding anything to your resume could hurt! The more the better. Also, not sure if you were shadowing the doc or PA (or what the program(s) you're applying to want) but most programs want to see PA shadowing hours (just a thought--not to discourage :) Chem can definitely make you feel stuck. I know where you are at, I also took 2 1/2 to 3 years of pre reqs to simply apply. It's a big risk. I was 28 at the time. My undergrad GPA was 3.0. (I also have a masters degree that i performed well in). Don't give up! It's never too late to be who you might have been. (a friend told me that when I was feeling the way you were) It's a long haul but worth it. Good luck!
  4. Everyone has a couple of bumps in the road, and a 3.7 is high enough to get you an interview at most schools considering you have their other requirements. Come to think of it I don't think I've seen anything higher than a 3.5 for the minimum (although they may end up accepting students with a higher average gpa). I also had a bachelors in psychology and still ended up accepted on my first try--you can definitely find ways to highlight that on your application!! As long as you have the minimum or above you can't ask for more than that! Get your pre-reqs, do well in your sciences, shadow PA's, get HCE and have strong LOR and personal statement. It's all you have control over! Every school is different with what counts as HCE so I would start by making a list of the programs you want to apply to so that you can examine what they accept as HCE and what type of student they prefer! Psychiatry is extremely underserved in the medical world. it would not hurt to say that you are interested in that but I would also let them know that you are open to all areas of medicine and what PA school/clinical rotations would have to offer your medical education. Absolutes: know about the profession don't say you just want to practice medicine. PA's are passionate about their career and we want people who are that way too! :) take any opportunity to learn ask anyone and everyone you know for shadowing opportunities. squeaky wheel gets the grease! Good luck!!
  5. Agree with what the others have said about targeting schools with lower GPA. Once you make a list of the schools you want to apply--that give you the best chances, get in contact with them. Make a personal visit. Show how interested you are. A lot of people applying to PA school at 4.0's--but not everyone takes the extra effort to visit campuses, sit in on classes--show dedication, perseverance. Also, the 2 courses you got a D and F in-- consider re-taking them. It looks bad if you re-take a TON of courses but if it is just one or two it shows that you are dedicated to truly knowing and understanding the material that will prepare you as a PA student. I don't think your chances are hopeless--but it is an uphill battle. Just for a little confidence booster-- my undergrad GPA was 3.0. I had to withdraw from an advanced chemistry class I was taking when I needed pre-reqs cause I couldn't keep up with the speed. I had also earned my masters degree in counseling where i did very well and it helped my GPA as well as my pre-reqs and sciences. so you see--everyone has a down side! high light your positives! I was accepted on my first try--so there is hope! Good luck!! :)
  6. I think you have a great background! Someone else might have more course work but you may have more "life" experience as a RN/CNA. It depends on what the program stresses. Each program is different and prefers a different type of student. I always recommend talking to the faculty, sitting in on a class and talking to current students. Gives you the best look at what goes on at the program as well as your chances based on their current student population! :)
  7. Hey Everyone, For anyone who wants further information or help with PA school process I am a recent grad who is reaching out to offer help. YOu can find a lot of stuff on my website/blog: www.allthingsphysicianassistant.com If you have specific questions you can also e-mail me at: all.things.pac@gmail.com. Contact info is also available on the site. Resources, what to do/not do on interview day, personal statement help, etc! Good luck!
  8. I like your inventive idea of trying to find a way to grab attention; however, I think what you originally wrote may be jsut a bit too unconventional. PA programs want to hear about diverse experiences. Tell them about your background--briefly--because I agree you do not want to seem like you're playing a card--but on the same note everyone has a background that matters! Show them your background is what led you to healthcare and then go into specifically why you want to be a PA. I think you have the right idea it just needs fine tuned! I also think that displaying passion and interest in lower SES groups and patient demographics who are desperately in need is a great idea! Keep formulating! :) I recently updated my website section on personal statements. check it out it may help you. I include portions of my own personal statement. Not that I'm an authority by any means but it might help you organize and direct your thoughts! :) website link in signature and under pre-pa section :) Good luck!! :)
  9. Hi All, As a practicing PA who likes to have students I would say just keep it quick! If these individuals are found on this website they are expecting emails periodically and also may be getting swamped. keep it quick, professional and to the point. Also provide multiple modes of contact so they have the convenience of choice to reply to you! Hope this is helpful. Good luck!! Check out my website in the signature, might have some helpful stuff for you all! :)
  10. Hi All, I've posted in several areas and just trying to reach out where I think people would be looking for the most help. I'm just someone who is trying to pay it forward and decided to create a website to do so. Website: www.allthingsphysicianassistant.com my contact information is there as well! Good luck everyone :)
  11. Hi Everyone, I am a recent grad and I posted in a few other spots about offering help to others! I recently started a website that has a large section dedicated to help with getting into PA school. The personal statement page is newly updated and some may find it helpful! My website is: www.allthingsphysicianassistant.com Click Pre-PA-->Personal Statement tab Hope this is helpful! Danielle
  12. Thank you guys for all of your feedback!!! I will look back at the post and try and integrate some of the things mentioned! :)
  13. Thank you so much!!! I'm learning a lot actually as I go through this and I was finding a pattern in the importance of FiO2. It's all pretty cool! I found what I think is a pretty good site respirator therapy cave blogspot. I got information from a couple of different places. I would love to hear your feedback whenever it goes up (hopefully in the next few days)--I've spent a decent amount of time on it! Thanks again for the pointers. you mentioned 1 or 2 devices I haven't looked at yet and will make sure to include before I publish :)
  14. Hi there, I'm a 2014 grad and I had a lot of help getting into and through PA school and I'm just someone who wants to pay it forward. I'm just trying to reach out to people who were in my shoes. I started a website dedicated not only to pre-pa students but also current students and practicing PA's. I'm adding new things everyday--so far I have a good bit of information up geared towards didactic year and clinical year--resources, how to survive etc.. I'm also open to any suggestions anyone has as to what they would want help with in their process to becoming a PA-C! I'm adding new things every day and I plan on adding a lot of blogs related to my clinical experience. Example--this week I'm working on a blog about oxygen delivery methods...when to use each of them and how they work. This was something I didn't get a lot of in school and I have been learning on the fly. My hope is that by sharing my experiences I help make other's journey's easier and add some patient experience :) Web Address: www.allthingsphysicianassistant.com E-Mail: all.things.pac@gmail.com You can also follow me on instagram @all_things_pa_c for fun things such as medical satire, quick hit knowledge and probably a pic or two of my dog snuck in there! I also have a blog portion related to MANY different topics from picking your elective rotation specialty, my experiences as a traveling PA and things that I learn on the job in my patient interactions (as mentioned above) I'm just getting started so expect lots of information to be added on a daily/weekly basis. Good luck to everyone and I hope you find my information helpful! :)
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