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  1. It was a first for me, I'm so grateful I was able to get in my first try! The student ambassador for my interview was also wait listed, she said they went pretty far into the wait list her year.
  2. Sure! Mine are: Major: Health Promotion & Education Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.75 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.9 DPC hrs : +5000hrs Overall HCE +7000hrs Good Luck! The interview was super fun not at all stressful. Everyone is so nice and the student ambassadors are really cool and helpful!
  3. I just sent my deposit today! I interviewed 11/05 Super excited to start in May!
  4. Hi all! I was just accepted to Pacific's PA program for 2019. One thing about the interview I didn't like was the program did not have any graduated PA's to talk to about their experience finding jobs. I was wondering if there are any recent Pacific PA grads on here and if they could talk of their experiences finding jobs after graduation. Is it fairly difficult to find a job? About how long did it take? Are you working in an area that you like or did you just take what you could get? Thanks!
  5. I got in!!! I was in the blue group on 11/5. Super excited!
  6. How many people were in the interview group? Is it around 40 people?
  7. Does anyone know what type of questions are asked at the interview? Is it traditional/behavior/ethical or more what type of flower would you be and why questions? I have continually read that the interview is great and laid back but I wonder what questions to expect. Thanks!
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