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  1. What were some subjects you were asked to write about when presented with writing an essay in your interview? or was it a topic of your choosing? Does anyone know what the "grading criteria" is for this i.e. what are they looking for?
  2. What are some essay topics that you were asked to write about at your interview or was it a topic of your choosing?
  3. Me, too. Just wondering if you have any insight into how the interview is set up? Individual/Group? w/faculty/students? tour? etc.
  4. I had a follow-up question this question....What is the length of time for each on-campus course visit? I understand that there are approximately 5 times that students are required to be on campus, but for how long? (couple days, couple weeks)
  5. I couldn't find the answer to my question in the CASPA Q&A. Are grades that are over 10 years old calculated into CASPA? If a course, like medical terminology, is identified by the institution as a health class, does that fall into the science GPA? Do natural sciences fall into the science GPA? Thank you in advance for your kind responses.
  6. @paadmissions- "be willing to take direction and advice from faculty and preceptors, and be someone who has demonstrated they will be a compassionate provider. If you are this type of person and can demonstrate this through the interview process you will be in a good spot." How can one demonstrate this prior to the interview? Any keywords to put into the personal statement (which is so limiting as it is, is it really important to sneak this in-I thought we were trying to demonstrate that we have a certain level of knowledge and skills)?
  7. First and foremost, Thank you @paadmissions for starting this thread and replying to the many posts; they have ALL been very helpful. I, myself, have a few questions: 1) How much stock is put into the supplemental application? What does the supplemental represent to the admissions committee? What is the best way to tackle this without regurgitating what is in your personal statement or sounding as if you are repeating what is on the program's website about "Why our insert school here...?" 2) If/when reapplying, would you suggest writing an entirely new personal statement (even if it has been professionally proofed and received positive feedback)? 3) When and what is the most appropriate way to follow-up with a program/admissions committee regarding application status and reasons for being waitlisted or denied? 4) As a cumulative GPA is difficult to improve without grade replacement, what would you recommend to show strong academic performance or improvement? Also, a sort of follow-up to a question asked by Soal2006...Will adcomms look at grades for science courses beyond the prerequisite courses? Some programs only require Gen Chem whereas another will require BioChem. Say an applicant received a C in Gen Chem, but an A in BioChem or vice versa...... 5) Online courses and community college courses: Many programs state they don't weigh where the courses were completed or the format as long as they are equivalent/meet the prerequisite requirements (say online lecture on-campus lab), but how true is this? Additionally, if an applicant takes mostly online courses and does not necessarily interact with faculty, what would you recommend in acquiring an academic reference? They may be able to say that the applicant received good grades, but not necessarily comment on performance, punctuality, etc. What is the admissions committee looking for in an academic reference (what should the instructor speak to)? Would a "clinical educator" be acceptable as an academic reference? For example, my ambulance service does a lot of critical care education; both classroom and lab. However, it is not at a school or by a "school educator," but by professionals (i.e. flight paramedics, clinical directors, MDs, etc.). There are no tests or grades per se, but there is a way to gauge academic performance through simulations and participation.Though, I read your particular institution requires an academic reference, for those that don't, would you still recommend acquiring one?
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