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  1. Verbal Reasoning - 152 (54%) Quantitative Reasoning - 156 (64%) Analytical Writing - 5.5 (98%) Overall GPA - 3.5 Science GPA - Something like 3.3-3.4, I can't remember 1500 Hours Full time Health Care Experience 200 hours shadowing a PA Besides some light volunteering in the ER for a couple months my freshman year of college, I had absolutely no hospital experience prior to graduating with my Bachelor's in Biology. I applied several times to the local hospitals while in college, but for some reason or another, never could land a job. After I graduated I managed to get on at a Geri Psych Unit working as a Nurses Aide and I worked there from February 2015 until I applied for Barry in December of 2015 (I actually am going to continue working there until I move to St Croix, I wound up really liking the staff and patients on the unit). At least half of my individual 10 minute interview was spent talking about my healthcare experience (I can't remember the direction of the questions that lead it to there though). If you really want to get in, I would recommend at least getting hospital volunteer hours. To be competitive, you need to work for a while in the hospital. Most of the successful candidates at the schools I looked at/applied to had averages of around 1000-4000 hours experience in a patient care environment (0.5-2 years full time). Don't wait until after college to start getting healthcare experience or you could wind up short on hours or not able to get an appropriate job. I was fortunate and got to know the PA on our unit so I began shadowing her after work and on days off, so it just worked out, but I would recommend finding a PA to shadow. It helps not only in understanding the scope of the job but also shows that you have an understanding of what you're getting yourself into.
  2. Hey everyone, I was fortunate enough to get a call/email today offering acceptance at St Croix and I know while I was applying I scoured the boards to get an idea of what they were looking for and the time frame for acceptance and everything so here it goes: 12/1/2015 - Apply through Caspa 12/17/2015 - Invitation to interview 1/22/2016 - Interview 1/26/2016 at 2:00 PM Eastern Time - Acceptance call My undergrad grades were good, but by no means spectacular and not even close to all As. I had plenty of Bs (more Bs than As) in my science classes, with 2 Cs total throughout undergrad. I did take heavy class loads (4 science classes + 4 labs) a few of the semesters, and that may have balanced out not having the most phenomenal GPA. My GRE scores were above average, but once again werent blowing anyones mind. I spent the last year working full time in the hospital and shadowing a PA several times weekly accumulating 1500 hours healthcare experience and 200 hours shadowing experience. My advice to anyone else applying or reading this in the future - just be yourself during the interview. Don't try to answer interview questions as if it's a utopian world - be honest and let them see who you really are, not who you think they want you to be. I hate to put myself out there like that, but I know I would've loved to find this information while I was applying. Good luck everybody, you got this!
  3. I've got my interview coming up on January 22nd for St Croix, anyone else expecting to be there for that interview? Anyone have an idea about how many spots are left? Good luck everyone!!
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