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  1. Additionally, for those that have been placed on the waiting list. Rahima will not be able to tell you your position on that list, unfortunately you'll just have to wait it out but coming from someone that was also on that list, don't give up hope! I was the very last person to interview, got waitlisted, and was told I'd here in July but I heard in April so obviously they got a little off schedule with the COVID debacle but hold on! Once some of the students that got accepted choose to go to a different program they will start to make calls to those waiting.
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Conicka Toney, I am the President of the Class of 2021. I just wanted to jump on here because our Chair, Dr. Derecyzk shared with us that the class had been selected and were beginning to receive acceptance calls! So CONGRATULATIONS!! I see some current students have started to reach out to you, which is awesome. I will try to jump in on the FB page to get you all some FAQ information but Rahima is amazing in answering any and all questions; I created the doc last year just to be as helpful as I could with your transition into PA school. Again, congratulations and make sure you get connected to that Facebook page!! Hope to see you soon.
  3. I believe you need to find someone to switch with to go from 3 to 2 but u can just request 3 if u have 2 because so many people want the 2 yr track.
  4. Hello & Congratulations to everyone that has been accepted so far! My name is Conicka, I sat and spoke with quite a few of you during the interview process. I am currently a student in the 3-year track and the 3.1 Rep on our student board. Hang in there if you haven't gotten a call yet, as I told some candidates I was the very last person to interview on the very last day, I was waitlisted but got a call in May that I was accepted so stay strong!! As for your FB group, please be sure the follow the link your fellow classmate has set up, we have FB groups that you will be incorporated into in the Fall. I am the admin on the 2021 page and I got a request for acceptance that I denied so please follow the link. Hard to believe it's been a year since I was in your same spot but I remember how exciting it was so stay on top of your email, Rahima will email you all more information about the Orientation and White Coat Ceremony soon until that time go celebrate and enjoy your summer break study-free! Next summer there will be no break, we go straight through the summer with classes so live it up now! Feel free to respond with any questions I might be able to answer and no, I'm not sure if they are done making all the call, sorry. Also, fell free to add me to the FB group if you like, Conicka Toney, and I will keep you all in the loop with any on going events/information that I can share.
  5. As far as 2 or 3 year programs, I put 3 year on my application and during my interview they asked me again, I confirmed 3. Then when they asked if I had any questions I asked how likely it was it that if I got accepted I would get the track I chose and they told me everybody typically gets what they requested. I also have friends in the program that told me you can switch with a student in the opposite track so if you get assigned to the 2-year and I the 3-year, we could switch if we both agreed. There just has to be a spot open to make the switch.
  6. Just received an email from Rahima saying the official letter has been mailed, should receive it by April 18th and the deposit is due by May 4th.
  7. I was also on the Alternate List and got the acceptance call today at 3:25pm!!!!
  8. Those that got accepted, once you get your packet will you please post the date the deposit is due. I'm on the alt list so hoping some others decide to go elsewhere by then leaving some spots open. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you for that!! Great to know. I do not feel defeated yet so I'm hoping that call is still coming.
  10. Received an email today around 3pm notifying me that I have been placed on the alternate list. I asked Rahima if she could tell me my position on the list and she said no. Still trying to be positive and hopeful. Keeping in mind that what is for me will be for me so I will wait it out. Congrats to all those who got accepted!!
  11. Hi everyone, GREAT NEWS! I received a call yesterday (Friday, the 2nd) inviting me to interview!! I gladly accepted and will be interviewing on Thursday, March 15th. The email confirmation said that we would be notified via email of acceptance on April 15th. I'm so excited, I have been trying to get in for a few years now. Good Luck to everyone.
  12. I do have one question though, did any of you that got accepted have any remaining prereqs that must be completed by the summer to begin in the fall? So a conditional acceptance.
  13. So basically guys we just have to wait, there are no other indicators and Roni is not going to give out any information lol. We just have to wait, I know it's hard I'm in the same boat but relax only time will tell.
  14. I just checked I see that statement as well on the top of my application but the application status hasn't been changed and I have yet to receive a call. The question is, is there anyone who doesn't see that statement?
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