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  1. For those accepted into the program is anyone from the Tampa area? I will be relocating with my family and would love the opportunity to talk with someone who knows the area and can provide insight into good areas, areas to avoid, areas good for families etc.
  2. I was accepted and will be attending the program, but I don’t have Facebook which is why I haven’t joined.
  3. I was told our deposit was due by January 10th. They said I would get an email and something about CASPA. Honestly I was so excited after getting the call that I didn’t hear much after hearing the words “would we like to extend you an offer”
  4. I did. I received a phone call about an hour offering acceptance. So excited!!!! For those who haven’t heard or got rejected, don’t give up. This was my 3rd cycle applying and the last school that I had an opportunity to get in. I was waitlisted at a school that ended up not receiving their provisional accreditation. I was flat out rejected by another school I interviewed at which flats out rejected me which left me with UT. I know it sucks, but you can do it!!!
  5. Congratulations! I hope I get that same call soon.
  6. For those who got rejections, did any of you interview?
  7. Hi everyone- New to this Forum. I am from SLC, UT and I received an invite to interview on 10/28. I will be interviewing on 11/24-11/25. When I spoke with Christina on the phone to confirm my interview, I asked her if the other interview dates filled up that quickly because the only interview dates available was for 11/3 and 11/24. She told me they were filled because those were part of the original interview invites that went out on 10/18 for their top 120 candidates. As people denied their interviews they started dipping into their waitlisted candidates. Apparently I was on the waitlist but didn’t know it. Who knows where I was on the list, but I’m grateful and very excited for this opportunity and look forward to meeting others interviewing with me!
  8. I received an interview for the 21st. I look forward to meeting others on the 21st! For those rejected, keep your heads up. I know it’s difficult and it sucks, but just keep plugging away at it. This is my third cycle applying. My first cycle nothing but rejections. My second cycle two interviews and two rejections. This cycle one interview- waitlisted and now this opportunity My GPA’s are way below average, but you can make up for it in other areas.
  9. I was waitlisted, but haven’t heard anything yet. Puck 47, when did you interview?
  10. Got an email this afternoon saying I was waitlisted , but at least it wasn’t a no Does anyone know how many candidates they are going to put on the waitlist and if they are ranking waitlist candidates?
  11. Has anyone who interviewed been denied? I haven’t heard anything yet which makes me scared that they are doing it waves- accepted, waitlisted, and then denied.
  12. Congratulations! Hope to get that same phone call soon!
  13. It sounds like they have already changed up some of their interview day requirements. It was located under the day of interview instructions. If it’s not there, then they have probably changed how they are going to collect them.
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