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  1. Did anyone get a confirmation email after sending in an acceptance email for their interview? Should we expect one?
  2. Hi everyone! This is my 5th time applying and my first time interviewing! Currently a ophthalmic technician and ER scribe. I’m from Orange County, California. Excited to meet everyone virtually!!
  3. @philvpham10 @CMF81 Hi Phil and Cailin! I remember both of you from our 07/30 interview session, and both of you were great! I'm sad that entire group wasn't accepted because it was such a fun mix of people. I got accepted, but I want both of you to know that this was my 5th time applying to PA schools. FIFTH! And I know exactly how both of you are feeling- to go through the rejection process 4 years in a row was incredibly difficult, but rejection actually became my biggest motivator to keep pushing forward and continue to be better and strengthen myself as an applicant in any way. Cailin- I know exactly where you're coming from; I graduated with my Masters at a prestigious health sciences university in my hometown, and even though I literally graduated top of my class, winning some o the highest of awards and accolades, that university didn't even give me an interview to their PA program. I was so surprised, but I know at the end of the day, it's all a part of some bigger plan. And you being a mother is your biggest strength! I've read in prep books that it's looked highly upon mentioning your family and saying how they are your support, so I think you answered exactly how you should've. Phil- nerves are the absolute worst, especially in the beginning of the interview. I felt like that too, but what really helped me is participating in mock interviews beforehand. For any future interviews, try that and I'm positive it will help! You kind of get your nerves out of the way doing mock interviews, and for the real one, you will feel ready! I wish you both the absolute best, I know both your times are coming soon. If you ever feel like giving up, just remember it took me five times! So keep going, you both got this!!! Good luck!
  4. Has anyone from the 7/30 interviews heard back at all?
  5. So glad you posted this-I thought it was just to me too! But I got it as well
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