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  1. Hi everyone! I recently got into MBKU this last cycle and will be starting school soon! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or for any help. I applied to PA school 6 years in a row, wasn't offered a single interview the first 5 years, and was finally accepted my 6th year into all 5 schools I applied too, MBKU being my dream number 1 program! So I completely understand the application process all too well, as well as the reapplicant process for those of you who need any guidance!
  2. It was my 5th time applying, and my very first interview in those 5 years! Definitely never give up!!
  3. Hi there, I was accepted to ATSU CCPA in December and am so excited that you're in the process of applying! One of the things that I absolutely loved about this program is that they look beyond just your stats, experience, etc., and really just want to know about YOU and your passion for the PA profession, serving your community, and serving the overlooked. I know you're asking about stats, but I hope it gives you some comfort to know that this program will not let your GPA/stats define who you are and what you want. Both during the virtual information session and during the actual inter
  4. Thank you so much!! This definitely helps, totally forgot about the portal in all the excitement!
  5. I still haven’t received my official acceptance email! Anyone else??
  6. Got the acceptance call today around 5:30 PST! Interviewed 1/8!
  7. Has anyone got an additional information email for acceptance and deposit post acceptance?
  8. Has anyone on the waitlist heard back at all?!
  9. Hi, yes I did! I was able to view it and it was basically just rubric evaluations that I think the faculty uses. Nothing for us or anything that we needed to do on our end! Hope that helps
  10. One of my favorite PA interviews, only made me so much more excited about this program! The faculty is truly one of a kind!
  11. I was placed on the waitlist too but from the 09/25/20 Seattle interview! I'm curious on how many they possibly take from the waitlist!
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