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  1. Hello! I am a second year student, feel free to ask questions! Good luck on your application this year!
  2. Hey there, I was a surgical tech. It's either a certificate or an associate degree. I had all of my HCE hours count as a scrub tech...I don't know any PA programs that wouldn't count it, you're definitely hands-on and hands-in! I agree with the other posters though, CNA or MA is probably a faster track.
  3. Congratulations! Right now, there isn't an official FB group for your class yet. But don't worry! Class of 2019 will build one for you and will invite you when the class list is complete! My class had an unofficial group until the real one was made.
  4. Historically, there are 40 applicants on the waitlist. Our class had at least 10 people accepted off of it.
  5. Dr. Brand and Bruna are two very busy individuals. Both still practice and run our program, so be patient as they may not have had time to call. They still may not be the ones to call you, but I know calls are going out until Friday.
  6. They'll send out an email closer to the dates of the interviews. You'll get a map of where you're going as well as a schedule. Sent from my XT1635-02 using Tapatalk
  7. Hey ladies and gents - First year student here. Congratulations on getting an interview! From what I know, today is the last day that calls are going out. It could be later during the day and evening, so there is still hope if you haven't received a call yet. Last year, they had 256 interviews for 52 spots. Which is better for those interviewing, chances are higher of getting in! If you have any questions, you can ask KatyL, okiepa-s, or I! I personally will be present during interviews December 6 (afternoon) and 7 (morning). Congrats again and good luck!
  8. I would check out their website, but a huge difference is the Tulsa campus is still a 30 month program.
  9. Good luck, applicants! I can't wait to meet some of you in the fall! Tips: attend an advisement session (posted on the PA program website) whether you are in-state or out of state. Shadow a PA student as well. They like to see that you are doing research in how PA school is really like.
  10. I have my stats listed in my profile, feel free to message me if you have any questions!
  11. We have a thread on our Facebook group, we are under OU-OKC Physician Associate Class of 2019
  12. Yup! It's not official, but you can find us on OU-OKC Physician Associate Class of 2019!
  13. It depends on the specialty if you take call or not. If you stick with family practice/internal medicine, those PAs generally don't take much if any call. Volunteer HCE counts in some programs, but many programs want paid experience. A place to start is a medical scribe, or a lab tech (many only need a high school diploma and it's easy to go get a phlebotomy certificate). I would do more research on the PA programs you are interested in to see what prereqs and how many HCE/shadowing hours are needed. Volunteering is always nice too, doesn't necessarily need to be healthcare related.
  14. Welcome! We have an official Facebook page. Search OU-OKC Physician Associate class of 2019
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