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  1. My husband got the NHSC service loan repayment. It is $50,000 for a 2 yr commitment. They gave the money in one lump sum, so you still make your normal payments. Lots of string attached. Track hours, can't miss more than 35 days a year including holidays. You have to fill out a form every 6 months for your hours and days. So far, so good.
  2. So far so good with Laurel Road at 4.21 with the discounts. For some reason Sofi was a lot higher. I have a referral code for Laurel Road. PM if you want it.
  3. What websites give amazon gift cards for buying audiobooks?
  4. Yes, Table 37 Number of paid days off provided by Primary Employer by State Table 38 number of Paid days off offered by Primary Employer by type of time off and experience
  5. I agree that the employer should pay malpractice. Reading on this forum and other places. Some PA's think it is beneficial to have your own policy to help protect your interests and not just the companies when you are on a company policy. So couldn't an employer just reimburse you for the coverage you want? I also just did a standard quote without the new grad deal and it was like 6681.00 for occurrence for an ortho surgery specialty. I don't know if that is about what the premium would be if you went the new grad discount route at the 6 year mark.
  6. What do you guys think of the new grad rates through CM&F? Liability Insurance For New Graduate PAs At CM&F, we understand that transitioning from school to your first PA job can be a whirlwind experience. You’re focused on patient care, not expensive malpractice insurance. That’s why we offer low-cost malpractice coverage to recent graduates. If you have graduated within the past year and you are applying for full-time coverage, you are eligible for a lower annual premium while you are building your career. How does a convertible claims-made policy w
  7. NHSC loan repayment isn't a guarantee. You can look up the site to see what their score is. If it is at least a 14 or higher you have some chance of getting it. But if you went that route, you would end up working there longer than two years, because you can't apply for loan repayment until you are employed there, and then there is an application window to apply. You could switch sites, but I think that would be hard to do, and there are rules about switching NHSC sites. Here is where you can look up sites. https://datawarehouse.hrsa.gov/tools/analyzers/hpsafind.aspx
  8. You could always apply for FAFSA and add school info once you know the school you are going to. I'm sure you could be fine to wait as well. You will only be getting approved for loans and it's not like it is first come first serve.
  9. No, they don't have to co-sign. If you are getting a private loan at all, you could add them as a co-signer in the hopes you get a better interest rate(that's if they have good credit and income).
  10. Pennsylvania I believe Children's Hospital of Philadelphia(CHOP) has a neonatalogy residency...
  11. You are considered independent. The FAFSA will ask you questions to determine independent vs. dependent. It will ask you tax questions. Yes, it will ask you your spouse's income. When it asks if you want to provide parent info, decline. It's not needed. After you summit the FAFSA, it will give you an EFC(estimated family contribution) number. The lower it is, the more amount of aid you are eligible for. If you get "0", you will be able to take the max out available for student loans up to the cost of your attendance.
  12. My husband had what you had during didactic phase...constantly be crammed with info and having multiply tests per week. They would start receiving new information for a new section of material before getting the test on the prior section learned sometimes. I believe, to have a masters, you have to have some type of capstone/research project?? His school didn't have a big project, so he was hoping to not have to write any more papers...lol Well they do do multiple papers instead of one big project to fulfill that requirement. He is so tired of writing papers. ? This ethical paper is his last, a
  13. That would be nice! My husband is in his clinical year. There is a written exam at the end of a rotation. He also has to do an oral exam, practical, or presentation w/ paper(these get rotated). This time around, he has to write an ethical paper during his IM rotation on top of the material he needs to study for. During his elective rotation which he chose ortho, he had the choice of having a written exam or doing 10 one page papers on topics related to ortho. He has to complete a few SOAP notes and H&P's to turn in to be graded. I'm sure he has other stuff to do as well. His biggest stress
  14. My husband's school charged a "professional fee" of $675 dollars a semester on top of tuition. All books(e-books) and equipment was provided. He had to pay to get a white coat and has bought a few supplemental books the students had recommended. He has used his old A&P book for reference since sometimes he preferred a hard copy book over some of the e-books. Like one of the previous poster stated, it varies between programs and to check with the program itself and current students.
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