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  1. Congrats!! Yes someone did, here’s the link! https://www.facebook.com/groups/502989923825719/?ref=share
  2. just got my acceptance call, I’m so excited, I love this program! I interviewed 10/7 as well
  3. I also was accepted on 09/26 from the 09/20 interview
  4. I flew into PHL with a connecting flight to IPT. IPT is about 35 minutes from Lock Haven. From there, I rented a car and stayed at an airbnb near the campus! You can also fly into Philadelphia or Pittsburgh and drive to Lock Haven.
  5. I received my acceptance this morning from the 08/21 interview! I'm super excited!!
  6. Did anyone interview today? How did it go for those that did?!
  7. Thanks for letting me know! I ended up reaching out to the program to make sure they had everything from me. Only then did I receive the application is under review email. I feel relieved now lol
  8. Oh no, I'm getting nervous now, didn't receive anything today either... but I've completed CASPA, submitted my supplemental and paid the fee, sent GRE scores, and all my prerequisites have been completed. I'll give it a couple more days before reaching out. Thanks for letting me know!
  9. Has anyone who submitted the supplemental and CASPA app on/after June 5th received the application is under review email? I was hoping to have received it by friday
  10. Same here, I haven't received any sort of email from them. I know they sent interview invites around this time in the previous years so I just wanted to see if anyone heard anything!
  11. Has anyone heard back or received interview invites yet?
  12. Awesome! Just submitted today! Just to clarify, there is no supplemental application for this program, correct? I couldn't find any information on it.
  13. I'm trying to plan a timeline for myself so that I can get everything done by the time that I apply, but I'm curious as to when I should apply. Should I apply beginning the spring of my junior year of college and go through interviews my senior year? OR should I apply my senior year after graduating? Also when exactly do most PA schools start like what month? As of right now, I am planning on finishing my prerequisites my senior year but I might have to push that forward. Ideally, I would like to start PA school right after graduating. Thank you!
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