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  1. Any recommendations on reading material to prepare for a hospitalist position at a large hospital? Thank you!
  2. I hope it went well for those who interviewed this past week! Just wondering what the program said about hearing back from the interviews, in case the plan changed (since they are a newer program and still refining their admissions process). Do we still have to wait until July's interviews are over? It seemed like for April interviews it was only "back in the pool" and rejections-- no early admits. Thanks for sharing! I'm sure those who are in the waiting pool are eager to know the same :)
  3. Really? Sometimes the FB page has current student mentors so perhaps it's not just the incoming class. I wonder if that's the case or if the class is really full.
  4. Just wondering if anyone got an early acceptance from the April interviews. Thanks and good luck out there!
  5. Thanks @Socalguy24 for letting us know there's a little movement on the wait list now! It makes the waiting a little less difficult! And congrats on getting into your top choice!
  6. Congrats to those accepted. waitlisted (back in the pool) and invited to future interviews so far! It sounds like those who are accepted get a call the following week (with a 2-3 week turnaround time according to the program, though it seemed to be much earlier for those interviewed in March). Did interviewees receive the "back in the pool" (basically waitlist) and rejection responses by email? Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Early November and currently wait listed.
  8. Congrats with Temple @ARinaldi3! Does anyone know when the first day of orientation is for Drexel? Thanks!
  9. Best of luck to all those who interviewed this past week! Please let us know if anyone of you receive news from the program in the week or two to come so we can get a sense of where we are in this long process and how many spots are left! Thanks!
  10. Seems like some may have received the wait list email yesterday. Has anyone been accepted this week yet? Just wondering where we are in the process of finalizing the class.
  11. Thank you @ nwright51, that clarification helps. Do you or anyone else know what the first date of orientation is?
  12. During the last interview did they speak in more detail about how they plan to finalize the class and if they plan to utilize the wait list in the coming month(s)? Thanks and good luck to all!
  13. Just to clarify, I don't anyone has said May, but I had noticed that acceptances/ wait lists notifications trickled in through May for the last cycle's forum postings so I assumed it could be similar this year. Here's to hoping we can hear back sooner to avoid more waiting! :)
  14. Same. Has anyone recently asked for an update on when we'll find out and is kindly willing to share? It has been a vague "April" or "May" so far but it seems like some rejections from interviews are going out, so any new info out there would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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