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  1. I was third on the wait list. From what I understand, they took 5 people off the waitlist for my class. The waitlist is 30 people, I believe. As I understand, they have completed interviews. This is different than last year where they spread them out through January. I'd like to think that they'll try and let you know before Christmas but we complete finals on Wednesday and will be on break until Jan 9. g Waiting is the hardest part, but hang in there! It was lovely meeting some of you in the tours! Very impressive groups!
  2. I wouldn't worry about your stats as they look fine. We don't interview until November and you have a lot of time yet. If you are worried about not hearing from Ambrose then It is likely because we have been busy the last couple of weeks with the ARC-PA accreditation committee. They just left today. The wait sucks but hang in there.
  3. Call Angie to be sure but my class has to submit directly to the PA program.
  4. To be honest, if you see the DMU class average stats, those are compatible to Ambrose. Half our class got wait listed at DMU. Me personally, I had a 3.7 cumulative, 3.4 science, 305 GRE, and 1800 or so hrs of PCE experience at the time of application. My PCE was an an ICU CNA. I think I did about 22 hrs of shadowing.
  5. I received my interview in January. They don't start offering interviews until after the deadline which I think is November. They do most of their interviewing Starting in late November through end of February.
  6. Greetings! I'm a current PA student at Ambrose and noticed there isn't a forum for this application cycle! If you have questions about the program or anything, hit me up! Good luck to all of you!
  7. When is the last interview date for this school? I haven't heard anything since July when I applied.
  8. Undergrad Ed School: Iowa State Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.88 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.34 Post Bachelor GPA: 3.5 Cumulative Science: 3.34 Age at application time: 26 GRE: V/159 Q/144 A/5.0 Shadow Hours: 20 (MDs, PAs, NPs) Letters of Reference: PA, 2 supervisors, professor Direct Patient Care: 1500 CNA 300 volunteer Research: None Volunteer: ED, patient discharge, psych Schools Applied: 19 schools total. It would take too long to list them all. Application Submitted Date: 7/13/2015 Application Verified Date: 7/21/2015 Interview Invites: 3 Denied: 16 Withdrew Application: 0 Waitlisted: 1 Accepted: 0 Attempts: 2nd
  9. Same here. And I have 16 rejections and one waitlist. :-( Looks like I'm applying again next year.
  10. Wow. Literally just got the rejection email. Good luck everyone.
  11. Still hoping to hear back. Doesn't UW preference Wisconsin residents?
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