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  1. Please send me your Facebook name and I'll send you a request @aspiretobeaPA
  2. I've created a Facebook page : UTRGV PA Class of 2018
  3. Me too!!! So thrilled!! Good luck to all that still awaiting!!
  4. Yes I do. They haven't heard anything either. I emailed ms. Wealer on Friday and she said that they just waiting for approval to send out letters
  5. I called yesterday.. They said just to be watchful for an email from them.. Nothing specific
  6. They didn't tell us an exact day, only that they will do their best to notify us sometimes this week , hopefully early this week if not at the end, but they were certain that it will happen this week. By email. Makes me so nervous!!hoping for the best!
  7. Yes I interviewed in December.best of luck to all of you who still awaits to hear back
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