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  1. Thanks for presenting your problem. I also think about these question. I searched and found an org. they may serve you best. If it in Los Angeles then contact with ''UCLA''. Bye...........
  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have little knowledge about loan payment and repayment. Guys here teacher PA given a better suggestion. You can follow it or if you wanted to know more then let me know. I'm just researching about your problem. If I found then update you. Thanks.
  3. Guys, Residency is a stage of graduate medicine training. When a resident student receive stipend then we regarded it as Residency stipend. About it 'JohnnyM2' express his views. I think he is right but I wanted to include that it may for a single semester or for total semester. It also may half free or full free. It's totally depends on the communication between institution and students and results of the students.
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