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  1. Sorry, they didn't tell us when they would be sending out the first interview invites.
  2. We have a new program director this year so I'm not sure how he is handling acceptances but in the past they have sent out a few acceptances almost immediately after interviews and then sent the majority of acceptances a few weeks later and then a few more after all of the interviews were completed.
  3. Hey Everyone, I am a current first year PA student at NAU right now and our program director told us that the first interview date for this year is going to be on October 23rd but they have not sent out invites yet so just keep checking your emails, they should be coming soon! Good luck everyone! And if any of you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. - Makana
  4. I just got a call today informing me that I've been accepted off of the "priority waitlist." Not sure I'm going to accept though, as I've already been accepted to another program that was my top choice. Good luck for those still waiting to hear back! It's still possible!
  5. Thank you! I actually interviewed on Dec. 13th and just got called today so I'm not sure when the last interview was. Sorry.
  6. I just received an acceptance call a few hours ago! Extremely excited to start this journey.
  7. I received an invitation for an interview yesterday for December 13th! Super excited because I didn't expect to hear back from NAU this late!
  8. I got an invite to interview yesterday and scheduled for Dec.16th at 8 am as well.
  9. I called today and found out that I am on the waitlist. The woman I spoke to (I think her name is Amy) said that those of us who interviewed on the 29th should be receiving correspondence by the end of this month. She also said they are constantly looking at their waitlist and said things change all the time over there. Hopefully this helps!
  10. Congratulations! I still haven't heard anything but I'm still hopeful. Good luck at the interview!
  11. Congratulations K80wey! Has anyone else from the Sept 29th interview received any further correspondence yet?
  12. Has anyone heard anything about interviews being sent out yet?
  13. No, not in the email I received. I did email her back though asking if she would be able to tell me where I am on the wait list but I haven't heard anything back yet.
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