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  1. Greys.A

    INDIANA: Trine University

    I just got the call!! I’ve been accepted! I’m beyond happy!
  2. Greys.A

    INDIANA: Trine University

    Did you hear by email or phone call?
  3. Greys.A

    INDIANA: Trine University

    I won’t be bringing any guests with me.
  4. Greys.A

    INDIANA: Trine University

    Just received an interview invite for this Saturday! So excited!
  5. Greys.A

    2018-2019 Applicants

    No he did not tell me my position on the wait list, and he told me that If I am accepted he will call me to let me know. From what I understand the people who have been accepted have 2 weeks to put their deposit, so it is possible to hear something 2 weeks from this last Monday. He also told me last year they had a lot of people off the wait list make it into the program, so I am hopeful to hear good news soon! And yes it is my understanding the class is full (pending deposits of course).
  6. Greys.A

    2018-2019 Applicants

    They called me monday
  7. Greys.A

    2018-2019 Applicants

    I heard back today. The program still had slots open at my interview. The class is now full (per the director), I am on the waitlist.
  8. Greys.A

    2018-2019 Applicants

    They may be contacting you about this interview because the class is full at this point, and they have already started the wait list so i am not sure if they still plan to interview for the wait list or not.. As far as the interview itself it was very straight forward. No curve balls. Everyone is very friendly and down to earth.
  9. Greys.A

    2018-2019 Applicants

    It was so good meeting everyone at the interview on Friday! So we should be getting a phone call (if accepted) no later than Friday right? ?
  10. Greys.A

    2018-2019 Applicants

    Hey! I am driving from MI too and I plan to be there by 10:00am. Hopefully a little earlier. I am meeting up with another girl who is also interviewing if you would like to join us ?
  11. Haven’t heard anything.
  12. No word yet for me either...
  13. Has anyone on the alternate list heard anything?
  14. Greys.A

    INDIANA: Trine University

    Thank you! And congrats on your interview! Keeping my fingers crossed that I hear something soon ?
  15. Alternate list as well. I wonder what time interviews are... I already have 1 interview set for nov 9th!

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