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  1. Hi! I interviewed in October for the PA program and was accepted. My overall GPA was a 3.70 and my science GPA was a 3.4. About 2500 hours PCE, 200 shadowing, 500 volunteer. My PCE includes Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist, and Clinical Research Coordinator. I scored very average on GRE I think a 305? Find an underserved volunteer program that you are passionate about and stick with it. I work on a street medicine team in Atlanta to serve the homeless and know that it undoubtedly played a role in my acceptance. Good luck- positive thoughts and good will come! Emily
  2. Hi! I was accepted at UAB. Thanks!! Good luck to everyone.
  3. I was accepted tonight around 5:30! Good luck to everyone!! And if anyone knows about the Facebook page please post. Thanks! Congratulations!!
  4. Hi all, I thought this would be an easy way for us to communicate alongside the Facebook group to keep each other updated on acceptances for the class of 2019. Congratulations to everyone!! Fight on!
  5. I was accepted today from Atlanta, Georgia. Emily Presmanes Congratulations to all! Does anyone know how you can be added to the Facebook page?
  6. Hi Sam would you mind adding me to the Facebook group? Thanks so much! Congrats everyone.
  7. I was accepted today with a call from Mr. Bill Drace. If there is a Facebook group I would like to be added. Emily Presmanes Thank you!
  8. I was accepted about a month ago and just found this group! Can someone please add me to the Facebook group for the class of 2019? Fight on! Congratulations to all.
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