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  1. Thank you all again for your responses! I am gaining momentum and optimism in preparing to apply again next cycle. PACiswhatiwillbe, I do have that book and read through it about a month before my second interview and still felt fairly nervous. However, I have since had multiple mock interviews that I think have helped tremendously. I will continue to set up mock-interviews as I know one of my issues is showing confidence in the interviews! Thank you all again for your help :)
  2. Thank you for your feedback guys! 1. I've looked into re-taking Ochem/Biochem but the area I live in has one major university and the class sections are during the day and I currently work FT and would have to attend night classes. In, addition, it is pretty expensive to pay out of pocket for 2-3 classes. SO, difficult to say, I am not in a great position to re-take any of my pre-req. classes. 2. KennyPowers--I've been told by a few PA/MD's I've worked with the exact same thing. They told me to save up and apply to a larger number of schools next cycle. So I guess I'm just on the fence about where to put my energy. I think I should take some of the advice I've already been given and re-apply next year to a bunch of schools I know I meet the requirements for. thank you guys!
  3. Hey Guys! to start off with let me share my stats! 29 y/o Completed Bachelors degree in Biology May 2015 Overall GPA: 3.7, Science GPA 3.5 ( lowest science grades: O Chem-C, Biochem- C, Micro-B+) HCE: Volunteer EMT for 2.5 years ( ~ 2300 hours), ER scribe for 2.5 years, Personal Care Assistant: currently 30 hrs/week I've applied twice to PA school and the first time I applied very late in the cycle and was offered 2 interviews, went to one and was wait-listed and never got in. The second time around I was offered 3 interviews, went to 2 of them and was rejected and wait-listed at another. I ultimately did not get in. I've heard a ton of conflicting information about what my next step should be. I'm torn between trying to go back to school to repeat Ochem/biochem to improve my lower GPA or to take a phlebotomy or other health care related exp. course. What you would all recommend? thanks!
  4. Hey guys! I am looking for some advice. I have more details listed below, but I am currently trying to decide whether to apply again next cycle for PA school or apply for an MHS program in my area. ==================================================================================================================================== I have applied for PA programs the last two cycles and was wait-listed x2, rejected x1. Ultimately, I did gain an acceptance. I took this current cycle off to build my application (patient care hours, shadowing, new LOR, etc.), with plans to re-apply next April. However, in Las Vegas where I currently reside there is an MHS program that can be beneficial for Pre-PA students. It is one year in length and is the same classes their DO students take first year. It appeals to PA applicants because if you do very well in the program you are offered an interview with the PA program at this school. However, despite the success stories from current PA students at this school, I met one girl who said she did "good" and was never offered an interview, and that's not the first time I've heard that. SO, I am trying to figure out if it's worth it to move forward with this program or to focus on applying again next cycle to PA school. I'd like to share my stats with you all as well: -29 y/o -Graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Biology in 2015 (transferred from 2 year community college) -Undergrad Overall GPA: 3.7, Overall Science GPA: 3.4 ( lowest grades: Ochem1: C, BioChem: C) -PCE: Volunteer EMT (2.5 years~2,200 hours), ER scribe x 2.5 years, currently a PCA/Caregiver working with bedbound patients 25 hours/wk) * all pre-reqs are up-to-date, although next May, it will have been 5 years since my last A & P class* I have been told that the MHS program is ideal for candidates with lower science GPA's ranging from as low as 2.8. As mentioned above, my science GPA could be better but it's not the worst. I am just not sure if I should focus on patient care hours or spend the following year on academics. The downside to the MHS program is I wouldn't be able to work, as it is a very rigorous course load. I would have to take out more loans and live off of those while in the program.
  5. HEY! I am in the same boat. I have over 2 years of experience as a scribe working with PA's but from the interviews I've had, most schools are skeptical of not having actual shadowing experience. So here I am in Las Vegas.. been looking for a few months and cannot find someone who is able to let me shadow them.
  6. I hope so! They seemed to be pretty quick with responses after the initial interview, so I am hoping for the same. Good luck!
  7. When I interviewed 3/17 they mentioned that they still had a "few" early decision seats that they needed to fill. I am not sure if a few means 5-6 or 1-2? I am wondering if out of the "placed back in the pool candidates" they put half on the accepted list and half on the waitlist...
  8. My question would be: Do they hand out any rejections after the interview or is everyone placed back into the application pool?
  9. Interviewed on 3/17. Great Faculty and program. I hope to hear good news in the next couple months!
  10. Does anyone know if they have a seat deposit? I'm interviewing soon and don't remember seeing anything on the website regarding how much a seat deposit was...
  11. Very excited to say I got invited for an interview on 03/17!! Would anyone who has already interviewed like to share any tips?
  12. Hi! I applied a couple months ago but haven't heard anything yet :(
  13. I hope we hear something about interviews soon! I didn't realize they take so long. I would love to hear something before Christmas :)
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