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  1. I want a career in healthcare but I don't necessarily want to spend 7+ years trying to be doctor, which for me would only be for the bigger paycheck as the other aspects of being an MD as opposed to PA don't really appeal to me much.
  2. Parental support in the most basic sense of the word. Basically a place to stay while I get HCE hours. They haven't had to pay anything for my undergrad, but couldn't even if they had to, so its not a mommy daddy free ride but just basic support from mom and dad.
  3. Hey guys. I'm a college freshman and my parents are definitely not feeling the whole PA thing and are putting me under a lot of pressure to be a MD. I still haven't broken it to them that I have no plans to be a doctor but that's another issue. I just wanted to ask for some advice on a becoming a PA without the support of Ma and Pa as far as getting HCE, and pretty much everything else. Thanks.
  4. Im strongly considering majoring in psychology, what was your experience like as a psychology major?
  5. Hey guys, high school senior here. Earlier today, I told my parents i'm majoring in kinesiology, and that I still want to be a PA. After a long fought battle(i'm talking since junior year), my parents finally gave me an ultimatum, "Either do pre med, or your'e not getting any college money from us". There are so many reasons I don't want to be a MD but my parents are so deluded on what the profession is really like that they will completely ignore rational arguments. What advice do you have on what I should do to still become a Physician Assistant? Edit: I'm on track to be a phlebotomy tech by high school graduation.
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