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  1. Does anyone know of an ICU boot camp or something similar? Looking to train ED APPs to work in ICU. Thanks
  2. I’ve been asking around and hearing anywhere from 250/hr chart review up to 500/hr for deposition/court
  3. Hi everyone, Hi everyone, I’m going to be consulting on a malpractice case And they are going to ask me to name the rate that I charge per hour. Does anyone have any resources regarding this, I’m not really sure where to start. Thank you
  4. I am an ED APP with 11 years experience. We are developing a program to get our ED APPs into the ICU for some shifts with COVID and short staffing in the unit. Anyone know of any online certification courses for ICU/vent management which can be done in a reasonably short period of time? Or if not, just a good crash course in ICU and vent management? Thanks!
  5. I work in a smaller ED with 10 full time and per diem APPs and am responsible for scheduling. I'm wondering if anyone has an excel spreadsheet or anything else they use to help make the schedule and track hours. The scheduling site we use is a joke and is of no help with this. Looking for free resources as this would not be reimbursable. Thanks
  6. Can anyone help me interpret this new RVU bonus we have been offered? I'm a little lost when it comes to this. We will be given an RVU bonus when total RVUs exceed an established threshold. For the first year the wRVU threshold is 826 per quarter, after which any wRVUs beyond the threshold will be paid out a $37.20 conversion factor. Thanks
  7. I take a new student every 5 weeks in the ED, and the schools pay me between $900-$1000 per student.
  8. As far as I'm aware, there will be no increase in billing from this as the attending will not be evaluating the patient, and no statement will be made in the chart by the attending, only a statement by the PA that the case was discussed. Maybe its ego, it just seems humiliating with 10 years of practice to be running straightforward cases past and attending. At the moment I'm hostile, and if they have anything to say about the way I cared for the patient, they can feel free to take over the case themselves..
  9. So I work for a small privately owned ER group of 7 MD partners and 5 full time PAs. We recently started staffing a small ER with solo PA coverage and there have been talks about PA partnership in the group. Everything was sounding amazing. Suddenly we have a new ED director, young and fairly new ER MD. He is not known to be the most PA friendly, and has just found an archaic policy from 17 years ago stating every level 3 patient, every admitted patient, and every patient for whom we are consulting a specialist needs to be run by the attending. I find this humiliating and degrading after 10 ye
  10. I work for a fairly low volume ER owned by a private physician group. We also own a 5 bed, low acuity ER which gets occasional cardiac arrests, trauma drop offs etc. Until now, the sattelite ED which is about 20 minutes away has been staffed by an MD, but we are now moving to PA solo coverage. The higher ups approved everything, but now seem to be getting cold feet. Does anyone have any hard data supporting what we are trying to do in order to help persuade? Thanks
  11. One of the PAs I work with uses PO Versed (IV form given orally) for pre procedural mild sedation in kids, mainly suturing the face. I don't really have any experience with this and was hoping to get a little input. Thanks
  12. So one of the Urgent care clinics I work in is creating a new PA/SP delegation agreement and they are requiring PAs to keep a log of all schedule II and III controlled substances so that they can document in the chart within 24 hours that they agree with the prescription. This is listed as a requirement on the CT DPH website, but in a document dated 2012. I feel like this has been updated since then, though I may be wrong. Anyone have any information?
  13. 80 year old in the ED last week sent in by a clinic with 2 days of diffuse abdominal pain with diarrhea. WBC 17, labs otherwise unremarkable. Diagnosis on CT: Dissecting AAA with a retroperitoneal hematoma.
  14. 84 y/o female with 2 hours of vomiting. No significant pmhx, only med was crestor. Was initially slated for the main ED, and the doc was backed up so put in orders for labs, ekg and zofran. Vitals all stable, don't remember them off the top of my head but no abnormalities to note. Zofran was given before EKG was reviewed. Review of EKG showed somewhat elevated qt interval. within 2-3 minutes of giving zofran pt started vomiting again. each time she felt nauseous, pulse dropped to 28, 32, 36 bpm. I'm sure it was these pauses that were causing her to feel nauseous and vomit in the first place, b
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