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  1. Just got a rejection email. Good luck to those who are still awaiting.
  2. I too did not get an email regarding the accreditation status.
  3. The only have one interview date, I guess this year it's September 21st. I know this because last year it was only one date. 2 groups but on the same day.
  4. Secondary confirmation email was 5/14/19. Diversity email was 6/4/19.
  5. Yes, I got both the diversity email and a confirmation email that my supplemental application was received.
  6. No, the diversity email does not go out to everyone. I applied multiple times in the past and this is the first year I have received such an email. I do not think the email has anything to do with the likelihood of getting an interview because I have interviewed in the past and have not received the email before.
  7. Yes, it's different. Below is the email invite from last year 7/9/ 2018. The diversity email is from this year, 6/4/2019.
  8. You do have to write another essay 300-500 words. Then if you are a re-applicant you have an additional essay. So up to 2 essays.
  9. I got an email on 6/4 that confirmed the receipt of my secondary application from the office of diversity.
  10. For me, I responded on just the concept/act of volunteering and how that has been part of my life and then tie that to Creighton's commitment to humanity. You can also speak about the Jesuit educational values as well because it is one of the tenets of the values they place. "Cura Personalis" https://spahp.creighton.edu/current-students/chaplain-services/ignatian-values If you search (on the link above) "humanity" you will find a lot of values. Perhaps one would speak to you on how volunteering would fit with Creighton's value and commitment to serving humanity. I hope that helps.
  11. I would suggest putting in "Z" and that will get you pass the system. Then in the very last part, you can always elaborate.
  12. Emailed rejection received today. Submitted 4/22/19 verified 5/3/19. Rejected 6/12/19.
  13. Hi, I wanted to ask if you can please share your thoughts on the program. It's the only program in the country where NP and PA study together, what is that like? I also heard that there is a lot of independent study in this program, is this true? What is the percentage you must get on exams before you have to remediate? Did anyone in your class decelerate or leave the program?
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