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  1. I would suggest putting in "Z" and that will get you pass the system. Then in the very last part, you can always elaborate.
  2. Emailed rejection received today. Submitted 4/22/19 verified 5/3/19. Rejected 6/12/19.
  3. Hi, I wanted to ask if you can please share your thoughts on the program. It's the only program in the country where NP and PA study together, what is that like? I also heard that there is a lot of independent study in this program, is this true? What is the percentage you must get on exams before you have to remediate? Did anyone in your class decelerate or leave the program?
  4. I received a rejection about 3 days after I submitted, no secondary. Good luck!
  5. @75bulldog I submitted 5/5 and got the email 5/10. Yes, the notice is via email.
  6. I received a supplementary application today. If anyone has tips, please share. Thank you in advance.
  7. @LolaGiwa I am from the Twin Cities, Minnesota area. This is my 4th time applying to PA school and my first to UC Davis. I worked as a medical interpreter for many years and in hospital administration. But it's time for me to pivot and work directly with the patients as a provider. I worked for a decade full time and going to school at night to make this transition and I am hoping it will happen for me this year. What's your story?
  8. I am excited to be applying this cycle. Best of luck to everyone who is applying!
  9. Best of luck to everyone that is applying this year.
  10. Best of luck to everyone who is applying this cycle.
  11. Best of luck to everyone who is applying this year. CASPA submitted 5/3
  12. Best of luck to all those who are applying this cycle.
  13. I too received it just this morning. However, I wasn't even aware I was on their alternate list. I was offered a spot to interview on the last day and tried to re-scheduled but could not. I was in Vietnam and could not make it to that date. Good luck to everyone on the waitlist!
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