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  1. No not really. It's a very generic email. No individual feedback available.
  2. Rejection emailed received. Good luck to those interviewing!
  3. In my experience with applying to different programs. Often time you won't hear back until the accepted candidate put down their deposit even and secure a spot.
  4. Yes, I got the email too. It's from adm1@thegaiahotel.com definitely NOT from flint. Thank you for the warning. It was already in my junk folder.
  5. Thank you for the link @LalalauraB. They talked about the interview notice coming out next month at time 53:40 A following question was presented about the format. It's going to be online and similar to an in person interview. A writing sample will be requested. Something to note though, there will be an accreditation onsite visit next week 6/15 and 6/16 which I think should not change anything, but it may be depending on how that evaluation/visit goes IMO.
  6. I was advised to ask FlintGradOffice@umich.edu about updated grades. Awaiting a response.
  7. Does anyone know if we should submit Spring 2020 semester grades? and if so, how? The classes that were listed as in progress is now complete and grades are posted.
  8. I looked at the mission and try to incorporate one story of how I would fit. I think if there is one story then it would be best use of the limited character count (blank space included). But if you can't find one story, then maybe a few. See below, or the link above. To achieve our mission we will: Prepare a diverse PA workforce to serve the patient-centered needs and public health of the local, state and national communities. Educate students to utilize evidenced-based decision-making and problem solving that allows for safe, affordable practice of medicine in a changing he
  9. From 1/14/2020: https://primetime.bluejeans.com/a2m/events/playback/aa9954fb-c49e-4570-a1d3-e1d9f0d0cabc
  10. I attended their webinar yesterday and during the Q&A session someone asked if genetics would qualify for the 2nd physiology requirement. Dr. G. said yes but it must be higher than a 300 level. So you may want to inquiry about that if this apply to you. I was told that they do plan on sending out the link to the webinar recording from 1/14/2020. Here is the link to the 12/17/19 webinar, which I also attended-- different Q&A questions than yesterday. But worth listening to if you have time. https://primetime.bluejeans.com/a2m/events/playback/11d3ca39-7a51-4a7d-9246-4ffbaa964163
  11. I also received the exact same email. It's a templated email merge, so the only thing that would change is the greeting with your name.
  12. Just got a rejection email. Good luck everyone on their PA journey.
  13. I got a rejection email today. Good luck to those who will be interviewing and those who will be moving forward with becoming a PA. Best of luck.
  14. Same here. Rejected, best of luck to those still awaiting or will be interviewing.
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