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  1. Same here. Rejected, best of luck to those still awaiting or will be interviewing.
  2. I am in the same boat. I submitted my secondary application at the end of May and was verified shortly after. I haven't heard anything in five months.
  3. I have always taken no response as a rejection. A candidate can accept and put a deposit down and then rescind their acceptance at anytime before the first day of class. Programs would only wait list someone if they interviewed, so if no invitation was sent out that would mean by default it is a high chance of being rejected because interviewing requires coordinating faculty, staff and students' schedules. They generally know already well in advance what the interview dates are for the entire application cycle.
  4. I submitted end of April and I heard nothing, not even a confirmation.
  5. I too got the email about the waitlist notice. I am on the wait list as well. No news.
  6. I received a rejection email as well. Secondary submitted 5/21/19. Best of luck to everyone still awaiting to hear back and for those who will be interviewing!
  7. Just got a rejection email. Good luck to those who are still awaiting.
  8. I too did not get an email regarding the accreditation status.
  9. The only have one interview date, I guess this year it's September 21st. I know this because last year it was only one date. 2 groups but on the same day.
  10. Secondary confirmation email was 5/14/19. Diversity email was 6/4/19.
  11. Yes, I got both the diversity email and a confirmation email that my supplemental application was received.
  12. No, the diversity email does not go out to everyone. I applied multiple times in the past and this is the first year I have received such an email. I do not think the email has anything to do with the likelihood of getting an interview because I have interviewed in the past and have not received the email before.
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