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  1. I had a draft posted here, but it was pretty terrible, so I got rid of it. In its place, I'm leaving a question. Is it better to have the story center around myself, and my journey to higher education and how that lead me to the PA profession, or from a specific event with a patient?
  2. Oh sorry, I misunderstood. I can take more undergrad science classes, just not upperdivision. I was planning on taking ecology and stuff like that. Did you mention that in your personal statement at all? My reason for doing bad has more to do with mental health. I had undiagnosed general anxiety and depression, and I wasn't getting help. I was also sexually assaulted, but I'm not sure I want to mention that in an interview...
  3. So, my freshman year I got 2 Cs, both in chemistry. I was 18 years old at the time, and I feel like that's easily explained. However, my sophomore year I got my first C- (which I actually asked the professor for, because at my school you can only retake a class with a C- or lower), then I got a 3.6 (first time on dean's list!), and last quarter I got another C in biochem. I have no idea how I'm supposed to explain this to adcoms. I would get it if I did terrible, then started doing better, but I'm all over the place. I have a personal reason for doing terrible that last quarter, but
  4. I can't afford a graduate program/I don't have the pre reqs for them. According to my calculations (I followed CASPA's rules for grading), if I can get an A in physics and microbiology, then retake chem 1 and 2 and O chem with A's, I'll be at a 3.3. May I ask what your explanation was?
  5. I unfortunately can't take anymore upperdivision science classes :(
  6. So I have a small issue. I'm not bad at science, I just work 40 hours a week in order to be able to afford school. I study as much as I can, but obviously I don't have very much free time. For this reason, my science classes range from mediocre grades, to just passing. I'm retaking the ones I got Cs in, but is it worth it to retake the ones I got a B- in? Or should I just take new ones? For example: I got a B- in bio 1, but I haven't taken bio 2. This time around, I won't be working, so I have much more time to study, and I know I can do better. So should I retake my B- classes, or just
  7. Especially when you first started, how was your relationship with them? Do you mostly do your own thing, and only go to them when you need a second opinion? Or do they have more of a hand in your decision making? I'm curious as to what it's like.
  8. Not worth it. If you already have taken an EMT class, why don't you look into becoming an EMT or ER tech?
  9. I've shadowed in several areas, and I'm really drawn to emergency medicine. I would love to become an EMT after I graduate undergrad. However, I'm from Northern California, and there really aren't very many EMT jobs. But there is a HUGE need for caregivers/CNAs. I mean like a crazy amount. So I could either spend 2 semesters training for an EMT-B and have low job prospects, OR just work as a CNA with a company that trains. I would prefer to be an EMT, but that's going to take longer, and I have to pay for another year of school. I don't know that I would like being a CNA (my grandma has
  10. I actually called this PA's office and left a message. The PA called ME and said I could shadow, and after the first day told me I could come back as often as I wanted. So no, their SP didn't force them into it. I think this person just hated having a shadow, I don't think they really thought it through. I felt like a burden the whole time I was there.
  11. The phone thing was only an issue the very first day. The rest of the time I was there I kept it in my bag. The ONLY reason I was even on my phone the first day, was because the PA literally would not talk to me. I would ask them questions, they'd give a short response, and it would go back to silence. I was there for 4 hours, and they probably said a total of 10 words to me the whole time. It was strange because they were very friendly with their patients and with their MAs. It was awkward. Every day after that was the same except I was staring at the wall instead of my phone. This
  12. So I finally found a PA to let me shadow them that was fairly close by. It was perfect- or so I thought. First day- the PA barely talked to me in between patients. I didn't mind, I just figured they didn't want to talk and complete paperwork at the same time. So I answered emails on my phone during the down time. I asked questions when I could, but they seemed kind of annoyed when I did. At the end of day 1, the PA told me to stop using my phone. Day 2- I kept my phone in my bag the whole time. The PA got 4 patients the whole time I was there, and the PA wouldn't even let me sit next to
  13. It says I need 12 units of biological sciences with lab. I took 2 quarters of general bio, and 1 quarter of genetics. But my genetics class didn't have a lab. I also took nutrient metabolism 1 and 2, and the 2nd one had a lab. Do I have enough units of biological sciences or should I take more?
  14. I'm an RA, and lately I've been spending a lot of time educating my residents about STD and drug trends. It made me realize something: I really love public health. I've shadowed 2 PAs, both primary care, and I truly do think that's where I belong. For this reason, I am seriously considering a joint MPH/PA program. What are everyone's thoughts on these kinds of programs/does anyone have any experience in one?
  15. Does anyone have any personal experience with this?
  16. I have a question about some of the programs that aren't yet ARC-PA approved, like UoP, or have provisional or probationary accreditation. How does that work? There's no guarantee that they'll get accredited, and what happens if you graduate from one of these programs and they lose/never get accreditation? What limitations does that impose?
  17. I live in the tech capital of the world, so I made the decision to pursue an MA associates degree instead of an EMT-B. The majority of EMS jobs were for EMT-I or above, and I found way more listings for MAs with no experience, so that's what I went with. I was reading another thread where someone wrote that MA as HCE is not impressive. Is that true? I'm trying to diversify the jobs that I do, but will it really be unimpressive?
  18. Backstory: I am currently an RA at my university (so I'm pretty busy) and I also spend a lot of time volunteering. I could potentially graduate next Spring (a whole year early), but that would require me to take an extra class every quarter. I would also have to quit volunteering. My question is: Should I try and graduate early, and either have my grades suffer, or have to stop volunteering at the hospital? Or should I graduate 2 quarters early and continue to volunteer at the hospitals?
  19. Honestly, the money isn't that big of a concern for me. I don't have any dependents (and don't plan to for a while, fingers crossed). As long as I can afford a place to stay and have some money leftover to pay my loans, that's okay with me. Surgery is what I want to do. Thanks for the reply!
  20. I have questions I'd like to ask to a surgical PA. 1. How plausible is it to want to be a surgical PA? I keep hearing that they get a lot of flack from surgical nurses and techs. I also hear about surgical PAs being pushed to do generalist jobs. 2. Is a surgical residency necessary? I know you technically don't need one, but realistically do PAs get hired for surgery without one?
  21. I have a couple general questions or scenarios. What do you say to a patient who refuses to see you, and only wants to see an MD/DO? What do you say to a patient who refuses to get themselves or their children vaccinated?
  22. This isn't directly related to being a PA, but many of y'all have experience with these sorts of things, so I figured I would ask. I'm almost done with undergrad and I'm planning on getting a license in some sort of HCE. I'm trynna decide between MA or EMT. I know the jobs are pretty different. I'm interested in emergency medicine but there just aren't any EMT jobs where I live. Is there any way I could be an MA and work in an emergency department?
  23. I'll be done with undergrad soon, and I'm trying to pick my next steps. There is one pre req I need to take, and a couple science classes I want to retake, and that would all be at a community college at home (3 hours from where I go to school). However, there is a 1 semester MA program at the community college near my university. Should I do that right after I finish my undergrad, because I will already be in that area, or move back home and finish up my pre reqs and then move back to do the MA program? I figure if I do the MA program first then there's a chance I can work while I finish
  24. 1. I won't be applying to any PA programs for a few years while I get HCE and better my GPA. My question is: should I start shadowing PAs now, or wait a year or two, because I would like to get a LoR from one of the PAs I shadow. 2. I want to ask the PAs at my university if I can shadow them. I'm fairly certain they will say no because of HIPPA and stuff, but maybe they have other ways they can help me out. My question is: do I email all of them all at once (with the same email) or no, because they work together and I'm sure they talk. Should I email them one by one once the first one rep
  25. I can't attend another university, but I am definitely willing to take them at a jc. Would that work? Instead of survey of o chem, it's just the normal o chem series.
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