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  1. It had something to do with ARC-PA and credentials, if I remember right. They were suppose to start accepting students in 2016 but kept pushing back their dates.
  2. If you're just coming from the airport you can just take Uber since it's 15 minutes away from the school. There's a hotel called Quality Suites down the road from school and restaurants nearby. So you can rent a car or just depend on Uber the whole time.
  3. They're on rolling admissions and last year first round of interviews were sent around this time frame for first interviews occurring right after Labor Day. So any minute now y'all should be hearing back very soon
  4. Total applicants last year was over 2k and yes around 200 people interviewed for 60 spots.
  5. At the time of my app submitted: 6-9-16 cGPA and sGPA 3.26 GRE 147Q/148V 4.0 2200 hours PCE 720 hours HCE 300 hours volunteering
  6. I received an interview invite today, but declined it due to being in a PA program. So hopefully someone else gets an opportunity :).
  7. They started sending out invites in August I believe and interviews started in September. This was last cycle and they cut the deadline from December to earlier. So that might change the time frame, my opinion of course.
  8. Congrats :)))))!!!! I'm so happy for you and good luck.
  9. It's never too early :). Good luck this cycle!
  10. I know CASPA opens up tomorrow, good luck, but I wanted to update everyone here on the waitlist that two people that I know of have gotten off the waitlist since last week. So there's stlll hope!!!
  11. Congratulations!!! I'm really proud of you and wishing you luck your way :).
  12. Thanks for letting us all know. See you next month :).
  13. Congrats :)))). See you next month!!!! See if you can request to be added to the FB page.
  14. No it did not. The school hit a snag while trying to open up.
  15. Thank you for the update!! Good luck with your studies :)))).
  16. No problem :) just trying to keep everyone informed. Thank you!!
  17. Accepted students are paying their orientation deposit this week. If someone doesn't pay or no longer want to attend, then possibly someone from the waitlist will get called up soon.
  18. Yes, yesterday was the last interview. Good luck to everyone still waiting for a decision:).
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