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  1. Congratulations. I'm so happy for you . i'll see you in orientation. I believe you'll get a link for the facebook very soon.
  2. Personally I had both. 2 years of volunteered work at my local hospital and 18 months as an EMT. Also, I have a B.A in biochemistry. I interviewed and got wait listed. Hope that helps. Good luck.
  3. Technically people that got wait listed are supposed to wait till June 30th. Here is what the email said at the end. Your wait list status could remain until June 30, 2016. Anyone that got accepted and declined their offer? Good luck everyone
  4. Thank you @elizabeth26 for reminding me to do that. I just emailed Leslie Lim. I opted out of the alternate list. I hope that makes room for some people Good luck everyone
  5. I emailed Lillian a couple of days ago. She wrote back saying that by mid-march everyone should have a decision. Good luck everyone!
  6. Good morning everyone. I got an email yesterday 2/29/16 inviting me for an interview. I have been accepted somewhere else already and will be declining. Good luck everyone
  7. Good afternoon everyone. I was also wait listed. I was wondering if anyone knows about wait-listed students getting scholarships. Is it possible for students that were wait-listed to obtain scholarship? Maybe any current student or anyone that may know this please feel free to share. Thank you Have a good day
  8. Good Afternoon everyone. I just received an update email. It stated that applications of all students that interviewed are still being reviewed and that we'll hear by early march. I interviewed Saturday, December 12th at 7:45 am. Good luck everyone Best wishes
  9. Good afternoon everyone. I was wondering if anyone else has heard anything back from LLU? Good Luck everyone!
  10. @heisman1979, I was not granted an interview. Congratulations to everyone that got interviews and acceptances. Good luck everyone.
  11. Good Afternoon everyone. Just got a rejection letter via email. Good luck everyone
  12. Hello to everyone. I heard back from Stanford today. Got a rejection letter from them via email Good luck everyone
  13. I interviewed with some wonderful people on jan 13th @ 7:30 am. FYI. This is the only place i have interviewed where the majority were girls and only 2 guys. Moreover, I interviewed with people from all over including a person from Alaska. It was a great experience. Has anyone that interviewed on that day heard anything back? Good luck everyone.
  14. I interviewed on 12/12/15. I still haven't heard anything yet. Anyone on the same boat? Congratulation to all of you that got an acceptance. Good luck to everyone
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