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  1. I just called and left a message for Professor Patch. I still have not heard anything from my 10/14 interview.
  2. I interviewed on October 14th as well and still have not heard anything. I have emailed multiple times and called. I know others in my interview group have not heard back either so there are a handful of us.
  3. Has anyone heard from Renee recently? She has not been replying to my emails and her voice mail box is full.
  4. Last year interviews were still being conducted in late February and early March.
  5. I interviewed on the 14th (PM) and have not heard anything back yet. They said to wait at least 2 weeks before we hear anything.
  6. I had an interview for ft myers on the 10th. Look online and schedule another interview for the next available date. I was able to get in at Ft Myers on Nov 4th. Very very unfortunate situation but we just have to remain positive!
  7. You should probably call. I had an interview on 10/10 at the Ft Myers campus which is on the opposite coast of the storm and they canceled my interview.
  8. Interviews for October 6, 7 and 10th have been canceled due to Hurricane Matthew. Hopefully they will be rescheduled sooner rather than later. Everyone stay safe !
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