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  1. Hi, second time applicant here. I e-submitted on 5/21/17. At that time, I had all my transcripts still in from the previous cycle listed as verified, I haven't done any additional coursework since 2015 when I graduated from college. I had 4 letters of rec submitted, and was awaiting the 5th. Basically, I submitted and every program is still listed as "Awaiting Materials". As of 5/22, all my evaluations are in, my transcripts are checked off, and so is everything else. I also re-ordered my GRE scores for two programs this cycle, but still "Awaiting Materials" is showing. Anyone else been having this problem? I'm worried since I called two days after I submitted and CASPA said "you're in line for verification", meanwhile a friend got verified a day laterr from when she submitted. Let me know if this has been a problem for you as well. Thank you
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