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  1. Hi all, I am a third time CASPA user and I am looking for some slither of hope. I didn’t do well at all my first three years of Undergraduate. My cGPA is 2.4 and sGPA is 2.75. Not any better. I am a non traditional student and have not attended school since 2014. I also have over 11000 HCE. I wanted to know are there any PA programs out there that have grade replacement or grade forgiveness. I wanted a more updated list. Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Stay healthy my people.
  2. Yes I am going to get my masters in biomedical engineering to show them I can handle graduate courses and Will was very informative. He helps a lot. But if I like biomedical engineering I may not apply. PA is too popular right now with my poor gpa. but I can message it to you. It is only one question. If I remember right. I’ll try to log in and check again.
  3. I would call them. The people who got invites had to respond by August 1st so I don’t know why you haven’t received an email. Call them! Show them you mean business.
  4. Hey they ask you the normal questions. It’s like caspa but way smaller. Then they ask some questions like why meharry and based on their goals what makes you a great fit. I think I have the questions if you want me to email them to you. Will said my app was perfect it’s just my gpa was too low to justify an interview. So that got me my rejection letter. So hey at least I know that the other parts were good.
  5. I look all over google and surprisingly no answer. How did you all here about your interviews for PA school?
  6. Thank you so much!! I'm a re-applicant and I need my PS to stand out because my GPA sure does not. I sure will. I am editing it right now and I will send it over to you.
  7. Has anyone used thepalife.com personal statement editing services and have done well? It is worth it? I need help all around on my personal statement. I dont think my first one was a good enough PS.
  8. Hi PA admissions I know this is probably the worst stats for gpa ever but I wanted some suggestions. I applied to PA school a year ago. My gpa calculated by CASPA is 2.3 or maybe a 2.1 cum and 2.5 science. I have taken many of those classes over with an A but that did not do any good. My Gre score is 149 quantitative and 150 verbal 3.0 writing. I am retaking this. My hce is well over 6200. I have really great LOR and I believe a really decent personal statement. My only flaw as you can see would be my GPA. I really want to go to PA school and really didn't know that Gpa mattered in that dec
  9. Man I feel your frustration. I cannot imagine applying to all those schools and then not getting in. Well I just registered for their open house. I am going to get you some inside scoop when I go. It is next Friday. I hope they don't mind me wearing scrubs. For Uni of Charleston I would see if I can tour the campus and write a letter on what you liked about it and send it in. They may notice something there.
  10. I agree with you. I work in a hospital now and healthcare is so competitive. No matter the area within. I just wish they could see pass GPAs and test scores.
  11. Wow. You're doing so good. If a PA is what you want to be then I would not dare to say be something else. This is my second time around applying. I am hoping I get in, otherwise I will be going out of GA for school. The PA I talked to told me to not just settle with schools in GA or the state you are in. Always go outside of the box. He applied 5 times before he finally got into one. I don't want to be a nurse, vet or even a dentist. I just want to be a PA. What are your alternatives?
  12. Not on this forum. One guy said that they do interviews Sept/Oct and then Dec/Jan. Not 100% sure though.
  13. Don't get discouraged. From what I hear they don't heavily weigh on your gpa alone. They look at you as a person. They don't even take our GRE scores. :( But at least you should have a good personal letter and recommendations showing who you are and what you are about.
  14. Wow that makes it even harder. Has anyone besides that one person get accepted yet?
  15. Oh I see. Thats awesome. I hope I wasn't too late with my application.
  16. So was your CASPA and everything was complete on their end around October 13th? You don't live in GA?
  17. Wow! It took them a little over a month to get back to you. Man this waiting game sucks. Good luck on your interview. See you in June!
  18. Hi, If you don't mind me asking. When did you apply to PCOM? Trying to see when I would hear back or something.
  19. That is not right. If it is on your CASPA then they should have put it as received the next day or so. The only reason the 15 business day is there is for people who mail in a reference. I would call them now before they close and ask them when will it be received. They may have passed over it. But do it now.
  20. I see. Did you have the references needed on CASPA? Or did you send them in?
  21. Can you give a timeline of everything from verified on CASPA to the acceptance letter? Please...
  22. Hi all, I am new here. I wanted to know how long from submission did it take for most people to get an interview. I was submitted 10/29 and verifed through CASPA 11/9. Received sup link 11/11 and everything received and paid 11/12. Now it is just a waiting game. Just trying to see a timeframe for the new GA program.
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