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  1. I am applying to PA school for the first time and would truly appreciate it if someone gave me some feedback on my Personal Statement. If you are willing to do me this huge favor I will send it over in a personal message. Thank you!!
  2. Junior year was where I slipped up the most and earned most of those C's. My senior year I was on the deans list and took courses in the fall, winter, spring, and two separate semesters in the summer. Those were the most difficult courses I took so I think it still shows that I can manage a difficult course load. I'm only looking into schools that I know will accept my credentials. But like you said, the average gpa of incoming students is typically 3.5 I've never seen lower. I think my plan will be to retake a few prereqs at a community college and apply in 2017. My gpa is what it is and I ca
  3. Yes I know some schools do. But I made sure every school I'm interested in requires at least a C. I am not applying to top schools only those I know I may have a shot at getting into.
  4. I received a few C's in my prerequisite courses and have been thinking of retaking them. The problem is the cost for one credit as a post-bacc student is about $600 as opposed to a community college which runs a little over $100. I understand a course at a CC may be less challenging. I have been looking at the requirements of my schools of interest and they say little about this. I think just retaking these courses would show my dedication. I would love to retake them at a university but it would take a year of my earnings to pay it off. Can anyone give me some insight on what PA schools think
  5. Hello everyone! I've been having trouble making a decision about when to apply and was hoping some of you can offer some advise. Before I ask my question, here are some of my stats: Bachelor of Science in Biology from Montclair State University cGPA: 3.33 sGPA: 3.17 HCE experience: ~ 1200 hours as a pharmacy technician (I've found only one school that accepts this but it is still a plus I believe) will have about 1500 hours as a CNA if I apply this coming April currently shadowing and volunteering at a local hospital Schools I'm looking into: Arcadia, PCOM, Albany, Le Moyne
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